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Here are some of the more interesting and cool digital car gadgets and accessories I have dug up in my web travels. As with all of my gadget posts, I will be updating this post as I stumble on more items. Also, be sure to follow the corresponding Pinterest board I have set up for more fun car accessories.

So, you own an Xbox One and would like to make the most out of your gaming experience in terms of connectivity? Having the perfect router would be ideal, which is why networking experts Linksys have come up with the WRT32XB, an all-new gaming router that has been specially designed for Xbox One owners. The WRT32XB will be able to reduce peak ping times by up to 65% on an Xbox One console, ensuring that you have the edge in any shootout or race. In addition, Linksys has ensured that its latest gaming router will include the newest software enhancements for gaming prioritization on any device, be it the PC, console or mobile device.

The Nano: You don’t have to haul around a massive robot or drop a rent check’s worth of money to get in on the drone action. This tiny drone from Holy Stone offers much of the same enjoyment at a fraction of the size and the price. And it’s an easy learn for beginners.

Ranked among the best for housing cell phone accessories, the EATPOW Luxury Business amazing gadgets at amazing prices Set is a must-have for the professional man in your life. We all know the man on the go; he will run out of battery life before he runs out of data just by checking emails. That means he needs to have something that is reliable, up-to-date, and accessible. This nifty package is not just a package deal; it is also an item that every professional needs. It has a wireless mouse, earphones, USB cables, and remote power access, just to name a few of its standout features.

The Console: A smart TV isn’t going to do you much good if you have any interest in video games. Instead, pick up a PlayStation 4 Pro and you can play hundreds of superb games, stream all your favorite services, and even get cable on the cheap through their Vue app.

In 2017, the cinema camera making company RED announced it was working a smartphone with a holographic screen. Consumers were unsure what this meant until September 2017. Essentially, the phone would provide a 3D viewing experience on screen, projecting things like buildings and landscapes in an interactive map. A user could essentially take a virtual tour via the phone screen, looking around, above, behind, or in-between various objects. 

Disguised as an average ring, SIREN actually helps users stay safe by emitting a piercing, loud sound to confuse and distract attackers. The sound is over 110 decibels loud and can be heard from 50 feet away. Users simply twist the top of the ring to the left, approximately 60 degrees, to emit the loud sound. In a little over a second, the sound begins; this delay also allows the user to switch the ring back off in cause the situation doesn’t require it anymore. Its stylish design and easy access make it simple to use in variety of situations.

Don’t you just hate having to listen to your favorite tunes with so much noise in the background? You’d most likely lock yourself up in your room with all the doors and windows closed if you are to enjoy soulful music. With the QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones from Bose, there clearly is no need to do such drastic measures as this pair of headphones comes with exceptional noise canceling technology. What this means is that you get to enjoy all the different notes of your music without the annoying interference of noise. Plus, you get to connect to your devices easily.

Not everyone has pets to lie on their feet and keep them toasty. So Sleep Number made a bed that knows when you’ve got cold feet and turns heat on at the bottom of the bed. In theory, the mattress changes its Sleep Number settings to compensate for changes in position and while it can’t stop someone snoring, if it senses you are, it raises your head to reduce your volume.

Fine, fine.  It’s a vacuum.  BUT it’s a wireless robot cleaning vacuum they’ll actually want this year!  Roomba 980 from iRobot not only vacuums up almost anything (with technology that won’t let it fall down the stairs) you can also schedule cleaning while you’re away at work via the app and then it automatically recharges itself when it’s done.  I mean.  #Technology

Besides storage size, reliability and durability are two of the most important features of a excellent USB Flash Drive.  Having one of these 7 memory sticks on hand at all times is not only a great idea but a necessity.  Plus they make great gifts, so pick up than one. #1. PNY Attache USB 2.0 […]

With the headphone jack quickly disappearing from phones, wireless headphones are a must. The Happy Plugs Earpiece Wireless is the prettiest pair around. It works for calls and music and when not in use she can knot it around her neck like a piece of jewelry. For more, check out our roundup of Best Wireless Headphones.

Connection: GSM / GPRS. GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Charger Input: AC110-220V 50/60 Hz. Charger Output: DC5V 500mA. We will provide professional and reasonable solutions for you. Storage Tem…

Lenovo’s entrant pits perfectly in a purse. It comes in pink, red, black, and white. It has a processor made specifically for fast Web surfing, an express card for mobile broadband, and a roomy keyboard. It holds 160 gigs of memory, which is not a lot if you have a lot of music or photos, but netbooks are not made to hold your media library. They are made for computing on the go.

Nobody likes charging their phone, but Native Union’s extra long Night charging cables get the job done in style. No matter what phones the women in your life use, Native Union has a cable for them — lightning for iPhone and Micro USB or USB C for Android. 

If you’re constantly losing things, the Trackr Stickr is for you. This bit of new technology is a small gadget that attaches to whatever you typically use (like your wallet or your keys) and connects via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to locate the item with the simple press of a button. When you’re in the app, all you have to do is tap the “Sound Alarm” button, and the Trackr Stickr will beep, allowing you to find it quickly. You’re also able to locate the item on a map if you’re not close enough to it to actually hear it. I threw one on my TV remote control because my children are always running off with it and putting it in a toy box or cabinet somewhere. Not only can I track the remote, but I can also press the Trackr Stickr button on my remote to find my cell phone if I lose that, even if it is on silent!

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Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, unseren Besuchern eine vernünftige und richtige Antwort auf die entscheidende Alltagsfrage zu geben. Wir können aufgrund der unterschiedlichsten Kriterien Ihnen eine klare Kaufentscheidungshilfe geben. Und das egal in welchem Bereich. Von Drogerie bis Elektronik. Wir sind in sämtlichen Bereichen bewandert und versuchen Ihnen das mühsame recherchieren nach dem besten Produkt abzunehmen. Außerdem bieten wir Ihnen gleich die Möglichkeit das Produkt bei einem unserer Partner-Shops kaufen zu können! So haben Sie immer einen der günstigsten Preise auf dem Markt!

Ähnlich wie die Naschkatze, liebt auch die Backfee alles Süße. Doch der feine Unterschied ist, dass sie am liebsten alle ihre Leckereien selbst zubereitet. Bei ihr gelingen Kuchen und Cupcakes immer und zu jeder Party sind ihre Brownies ein heißersehntes Mitbringsel.

Der nächste Tipp gilt vor allem dann, wenn du die Frau, die du beschenken möchtest, kaum oder nicht besonders gut kennst. Verbringe etwas Zeit damit, mehr über sie herauszufinden. Dies kannst du entweder persönlich machen oder über gemeinsame Bekannte. Je besser du die Beschenkte kennst, umso mehr sollte das Geschenk auch auf ihre Persönlichkeit und ihren Charakter abgestimmt sein. Wenn du dich das nächste Mal mit ihr unterhältst, achte genau darauf, ob sie irgendwelche Interessen oder Hobbies erwähnt. Vielleicht gibt es einen Film, den sie gerne sehen würde oder einen Musikinterpreten für den sie schwärmt. All dies sind kleine Hinweise, die du für eine Geschenkidee für sie verwenden kannst. Solltest du ein Geschenk für eine Frau suchen, die du noch gar nicht persönlich kennst, halte dich am besten an Altbewährtes wie Blumen, Schokolade oder kleinere Gastgeschenke. Wenn du dem Ganzen doch eine persönliche Note verpassen möchtest, dann erkundige dich einfach bei jemandem, der die zu beschenkende Frau kennt. Derjenige kann dir dann vielleicht sagen, welche Farben sie gerne mag oder welche Interessen sie verfolgt. Wenn dein Geschenk dann ins Schwarze trifft, könnte das gleich ein wunderbarer Start eurer Beziehung zueinander sein.

Mit dem Hunde-Anschnall-Gurt kann auch die Sicherheit des Vierbeiner während der Autofahrt gewährleistet werden. Dies muss man sogar, ansonsten können bei nicht ausreichender Sicherung Bußgelder bis zu 75€ verhängt werden. Der Gurt besteht an der einen Seite aus einer Schnalle, wie der

Rather than overwhelm you with a flood of features you might not need, Whirlpool has shown some restraint with its smart fridge. Marinating meat? The screen will tell you how long to cook your particular cut and ask if you want to set a timer. Cleaning the fridge? Whirlpool will suspend cooling to save energy and shut off the door alarm.

The Bluetooth headphone that could finally get audiophiles to cut the cord. Beyerdynamic’s Amiron wireless headphone is articulate, with excellent clarity and bass definition, and superior to the company’s on-ear Aventho Wireless — a great Bluetooth headphone in its own right.

If you love nature but aren’t exactly the “roughing it” type, or are intrigued by culture and history but not at the expense of modern amenities and comforts, then the Mirror Houses might be just the place for your next adventure. Designed by Italian architect Peter…

Du gehörst auch zu denen, die morgens unbedingt einen Kaffee brauchen und oft spät dran? Mit dieser genialen Kaffee-Maschine ist es nun möglich, ganz einfach im Auto während der Fahrt den Kaffee aufzusetzen. Im Gegensatz zu vielen Vorläufermodellen, die nicht

Gerade im Sommerurlaub wachsen die Nägel gefühlt besonders schnell (soll am Salz liegen!). Die Krallen unter Kontrolle bringt ein kleines Reise-Nagelpflegeset. Da ist die Pinzette fürs Augenbrauenzupfen oder für Zeckenbisse gleich mit dabei.

Wenn Sie sich an die 11 Schritte zum guten Geschenk halten, sind Sie schon auf einem guten Weg. Wichtig ist allerdings auch, wen Sie beschenken. Wir haben Ihnen Tipps für jeden Frauentyp zusammengefasst. 

Nicht wenige Kinder klagen des Öfteren darüber, dass der Gurt drückt oder ihnen auf eine andere Art und Weise Schmerzen verursacht. Damit das bei ihren Kindern aufhören kann oder gar nicht erst geschieht, gibt es die Gurtpolsterung. Diese lässt sich

Eher etwas für kurze Reisen, aber auch für Pendlerinnen, ist dieses Gadget. Es handelt sich um eine Müslischale mit abnehmbarem Milchbehälter sowie integrierter Kühlung (doppelwandig und Kühl-Gel). Müsli rein, Milch dazu, fertig. Rezensenten sagen, der Becher hält kühl und dicht. Wenn das nichts ist!

Wenn Audi Deine Marke ist, könnte Dich dieses Auto Gadget interessieren. Es besteht aus 12 best office gadgets interesting engineering Grill-Emblem mit der Aufschrift “S line” sowie drei weiteren Emblems für die Heckflügel und vier Ventilkappen. Ein Emblem hat die Maße von etwa 7,3 x

The second generation regular Echo is the model I’d recommend to most people, but if you’re a smart home accessory lover like I am, the extra features of the Plus make it worth the higher price. Read the full review here.

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Ce sont des services très appréciés des internautes : ils permettent de régler ses achats sans communiquer son numéro de carte bancaire. Ils offrent aussi des tas de services connexes très intéressants pour un chef d’entreprise.
Dès ce mois-ci, lire et comprendre votre facture Rogers sera une expérience complètement différente. Dans ses efforts soutenus visant à mieux vous servir, Rogers a changé l’allure et le format de votre facture. Adaptée pour répondre à vos besoins, cette nouvelle facture vous permet aussi de gérer plus facilement vos services de Rogers.
Toutes les grandes banques proposent des services de virement par Internet. Généralement gratuits entre les comptes du titulaire dans la même banque, ils sont payants sur des comptes d’autres banques.
Cleaned up the 8Gadgetpack Tools. Fixed a bug that caused gadgets to appear multiple times in startup tab of taskmanager. Also fixed a bug that caused not to load all gadgets on startup. And another bug that caused library errors and errors involving d3d9.dll was fixed (this bug was my fault for a change, and not Microsofts). Added skin support in Clipboarder and fixed a bug that prevented it to open clipboards in Modern App Programs. Added a few gadgets and updated the outdated ones.
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You’d be hard pressed to name a single PlayStation feature that by itself transformed the games industry. It’s been Sony’s obsession with compacting high-end tech into sleek, affordable boxes, then making all that power readily accessible to developers, that’s made the PlayStation family an enduring icon of the living room. Part of Sony’s triumph was simply reading the demographic tea leaves: The company marketed the PlayStation as a game system for grownups to the kids who’d literally grown up playing Atari and Nintendo games. And that helped drive the original system, released in 1994, to meteoric sales, including the PlayStation 2’s Guinness record for bestselling console of all time—a record even Nintendo’s Wii hasn’t come close to breaking.
Finally added high-dpi support. Gadgets shouldn’t appear too small anymore. Added a separate uninstaller tool (here) to fix broken installations. Started to work on Windows 10 support. Most of the gadgets work on Windows 10, but not all. Updated outdated gadgets. Added iBattery gadget and a japanese calendar gadget (only visible on japanese Windows versions).
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Consultez les évaluations des autres consommateurs. La plupart des bons sites de ventes aux enchères ont un système d’évaluation en place. Si un vendeur n’a pas beaucoup de bonnes évaluations ou en a plusieurs mauvaises, n’achetez rien de lui.
Suite à une commande en ligne réglée par carte bancaire auprès d’un site d’une société étrangère, alors que vous n’avez jamais été livré et ce malgré vos relances, vous avez la possibilité d’utiliser la procédure dite de chargeback ; celle-ci permet à un consommateur de revenir sur son ordre de paiement et d’être remboursé directement par l’émetteur de la carte bancaire ou de la banque lorsqu’un professionnel ne respecte pas les droits du consommateur.
Enchères anglaises : les enchères traditionnelles, le prix est ascendant et monte jusqu’à ce que le dernier enchérisseur remporte la vente soit que personne ne souhaite sur-enchérir soit car le temps limite est écoulé.
Vous aussi vous êtes à court d’idée pour vos cadeaux ? Avec Cadeaux Gadgets trouvez le cadeau utile et un cadeau qui fait vraiment plaisir ! Le site regorge de gadgets insolites, fun, original et tout ça aux meilleurs prix !
For those of you that don’t know Slimming World, then in a nutshell it is British diet that focuses on low fat, carbs whenever you want them and never feeling hungry. So in other words you can eat pasta bakes everyday and still lose weight.
Sites d’achats en ligne chinois sont bien connus pour leurs gadgets très bon marché et les produits d’équipement électronique. La liste suivante des magasins chinois est spécialisée dans une de ces catégories. La plupart des magasins ont plus catergories de produits trop.
Even when hardware development was going well, company culture didn’t support those teams in getting the software they needed. “We had to go beg and plead to make all the software teams care,” says Rishi Chandra, the Googler charged with building the failed Google TV platform in 2010 and later with developing Google Home. The engineers working on Chrome or Android were used to building products that would touch millions, even billions of people. They’d ask Chandra, how is your thing going to get that many users? And why should we care until it does? The culture is almost the antithesis of Apple’s. There, the software executives always work with specific products in mind; senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi’s goal is to make the iPhone great, just like everyone else at the company. Google’s priorities are comparatively all over the map, as it tries to support its own products, its partners, and the whole internet-using universe all at the same time.
Acheter un déguisement à un enfant, c’est surtout lui faire plaisir. En effet, dès qu’ils découvriront le costume dont vous aurez fait l’achat moins cher, ils seront éblouis. Et vous chers clients qu’est-ce qui vous tente ? ! Une petit fille deviendra une princesse grâce à son déguisement ou à son costume d’enfant ou bien une fée avec sa baguette magique. Quant à vous, vous aimerez payer moins cher le déguisement enfant que vous aurez choisi pour votre petit zorro, spiderman ou encore un déguisement de pirate pas cher ou un déguisement de Batman musclé. Cdiscount est le spécialiste du déguisement enfant pas cher. Et vous chers clients que cherchez-vous ? !Il est important que vous choisissiez le thème du déguisement que l’enfant souhaite avoir et que vous validiez la taille et ensuite vous pourrez faire l’achat du bon déguisement facilement. Sur Cdiscount, acquérir un déguisement pour les enfants sur Cdiscount est chose aisée : Cdiscount vous propose le meilleur service de livraison, les meilleurs prix, des réductions sur les costumes enfants tout au long de l’année et bien sûr la qualité de service Cdiscount. Grâce à son choix, son stock et les prix les plus bas, Cdiscount vous apportera entière satisfaction. Vous pouvez maintenant récupérer votre déguisement où vous voulez avec l’offre disponibilité immédiate de Cdiscount.
Déguisez-vous à la mode Moustache. On va s’amuser classe à vos soirées déguisées ! Une planche de 12 fausses moustaches adhésives qui donneront l’illusion de vraies moustaches des Village People. Vive les soirées déguisées… YMCA !
Le produit a été abîmé lors du transport ou perdu. Vous pouvez refuser la livraison d’un bien endommagé. Si vous l’acceptez, vous devez noter vos remarques sur le bon de livraison et prendre rapidement contact avec le service clients.
Besoin d’air frais ? Ne cherchez plus, ce mini ventilateur-rafraîchisseur portatif vous apportera une douce fraîcheur très appréciable. Pour une bonne utilisation, n’oubliez pas d’humidifier le filtre régulièrement (15.45 euros).
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Depuis mars, la page vin (3 600 références) a fusionné avec la section supermarché. L’amateur n’y gagne pas. Au milieu des grands crus, évoluent des Bag-in-Box et des anisés industriels. Les produits les plus vendus sont les vins et champagnes de 5 à 15 €. Avec la formule C le marché, Cdiscount permet à d’autres vendeurs de commercialiser des bouteilles via son site. Max Rey, le responsable du pôle vins et spiritueux, promet de continuer à améliorer la qualité du service. À suivre…
D’abord, il y a la simplicité de l’opération. Je ne suis pas de nature patiente et du coup, perdre du temps en ligne en diverses procédures compliquées, ça a tendance à m’énerver. C’est pourquoi j’apprécie le fait de pouvoir envoyer un unique texto (codé) à l’éditeur du contenu qui me plaît. Cela sert en quelque sorte à enclencher le processus de validation de l’acquisition. Ensuite, comme je n’ai aucune fiche à remplir, tout se fait en un claquement de doigts.
Hello @Levislip En effet ton jeu vient bien de la couronne cranté qui n’est pas assez serrée, mais attention ils la colle !!! donc pour la resserrée il faut la chauffer avec un décapeur et avoir la clé a ergot adéquate de 55 mm, sinon tu risques de foirer le filetage de la tête de fourche et là cela peut revenir cher !!!!! Didier  
Le commerce sur Internet qui représente 8% des achats en France a fortement progressé pour atteindre un chiffre d’affaires record de 72 milliards d’euros. Désormais, 80% des internautes réalisent des achats en ligne, notamment grâce à leur smartphone
Le site est agréable et la sélection attirante. On trouve de nombreux vins étrangers (Chine, Espagne, Italie, Allemagne, États-Unis, etc.), ce qui est assez rare en France. Les prix ne sont pas les plus compétitifs, mais le service et la livraison sont de qualité, avec une protection optimale des bouteilles. Lavinia est le seul site qui propose l’aide de sommeliers professionnels.
The iBook’s brightly-colored, plastic trim may look dated now, but it was the first laptop to offer wireless networking. Apple’s consumer-oriented portable—for its cool-factor as well as its technology—grew into a serious business. The product’s reveal was a classic example of Steve Jobs’ showmanship at its best. While loading a webpage and showing off the computer’s display at 1999’s MacWorld conference, the Apple co-founder lifted the computer off its table and walked across the stage. The crowd roared in approval. In a gesture, he showed that Wi-Fi was here to stay.
Quand vous magasinez sur Internet, vous n’êtes pas en face du commerçant pour lui poser des questions sur le bien ou le service offert. Vous n’avez pas non plus le bien sous les yeux pour vérifier sa taille et ses caractéristiques. C’est pourquoi la Loi sur la protection du consommateur impose plusieurs obligations aux commerçants, notamment d’inclure dans l’offre d’achat une description…
La griffe montréalaise exclusivement masculine a désormais un magasin dans le quartier bobo du Mile-End. C’est pourtant grâce à son site de magasinage en ligne que Frank & Oak s’est fait connaître. Lancée par deux amis, la marque propose des vêtements pour ceux qui cherchent une qualité irréprochable et un style hipster. Il y a même la possibilité de s’inscrire au «Hunt Club». En devenant membre, vous profitez chaque mois de la livraison gratuite jusqu’à cinq articles. Et pour ceux qui n’aimeraient pas magasiner ou qui n’auraient simplement pas le temps, une styliste choisit pour vous les cinq articles à vous envoyer. Du service sur mesure!
Le précurseur américain en perte de vitesse sur les enchères à ouvert la voie à d’autres sites proposant une alternative à eBay, mieux conçus et plus performants, que l’on vous présente juste après un petit rappel des différents types d’enchères et leur fonctionnement.
Les commandes destinées ailleurs qu’au Canada ne sont pas assujetties aux taxes canadiennes. Les autorités du pays où s’effectue la livraison peuvent exiger des droits de douane ou des taxes sur les produits en provenance du Canada.
For many, Nokia’s colorful candy bar-shaped 3210 defined the cell phone after it was released in 1999. With more than 160 million sold, it became a bestseller for the Finnish company. The 3210 did more than just introduce the cellphone to new audiences. It also established a few important precedents. The 3210 is regarded to be the first phone with an internal antenna and the first to come with games like Snake preloaded. Gadget reviewers even praised the phone more than 10 years after its launch for its long battery life and clear reception.
Nintendo’s debut front-loading, rain-gray console showed up just in time to save the games industry from its excesses, arriving a few years after a crash that capsized many of the field’s biggest players. The NES was to video gaming what The Beatles were to rock and roll, singlehandedly resuscitating the market after it launched in 1983. The NES heralded Japan’s dominance of the industry, establishing indelible interface and game design ideas so archetypal you can find their DNA in every home console hence.

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In 2017, the cinema camera making company RED announced it was working a smartphone with a holographic screen. Consumers were unsure what this meant until September 2017. Essentially, the phone would provide a 3D viewing experience on screen, projecting things like buildings and landscapes in an interactive map. A user could essentially take a virtual tour via the phone screen, looking around, above, behind, or in-between various objects. 

It can also sense and diagnose any problems that activate your check engine light, presenting them in an app instead of making you head to a mechanic. There’s a question of whether or not all of this is worth $80, but if you’ve ever been paranoid about wasting gas, the added info might be worth it.

You likely lose your wallet, smartphone, keys and/or remote control frequently. Losing things is normal. But instead of dealing with the frustrations of losing these items, there’s a better way to cope: the TrackR StickR. Where are the keys? Where did you put your wallet? Where is your phone? Trackr solves that problem. It is a quarter-sized device that can be fastened to any item, and then users are able to use the companion app to find whatever the device is attached to. When you lose your wallet, you simply pull up the app on your smartphone and you can make the StickR beep. You can also set up the app to alert you when you venture too far from it, and can use the TrackR StickR to also find your phone, even if it is on silent. It works with both iOS and Android. I have one attached to my remote control so I never have to worry about losing it.

The DSLR: If you want a more professional edge, this might be the camera for you. With 30.4 megapixels captured in every shot and a speed of up to 7 pictures per second, this killer DSLR camera can capture images in a wide variety of lighting environments. It also features an LCD touchscreen monitor and can capture 4k video – as well as take 8.8 megapixel screen captures of that video.

Whether you are on the go, in your office or at home, new technology gadgets can introduce great time-saving advantages into your day, as well as make life easier. Check out some of these great finds, including  unlimited external storage devices for iOS devices, laptops and desktops; Bluetooth-enabled speaker, earbuds and keyboard, a versatile 2-in-1 tablet; and charging options for mobile devices.

This is one of the most useful modern all-in-one gift ideas, because it incorporates a bit of everything that a man needs in order to handle his daily accessories and pocket space. It is a slate, set at an angle with a small collection of trays at the bottom and an assortment of grooves and holes cut into the reclined slate itself. This is to make it easier to empty your pockets, because every slot, every combination, and every groove on it can hold any kind of manly accessory. From phones to wristwatches, from lighters to sunglasses, even dog tags, spare change and wrist cuffs. You won’t be disappointed.

The makers of the WyzeCam all-in-one 1080p HD smart home camera have given their new model, WyzeCam V2, a hardware upgrade. Changes include Motion Tagging technology which detects and outlines motion in both live stream and replay modes. It got a powerful new CMOS sensor to provide even clearer images both day and night vision. There’s a class-K audio power amplifier and a new audio chip that significantly reduces TDD interference and EMI, and lastly, a matte finish replaces the glossy finish found on the original.

Price: $45.00 Hopefully you all have noticed the theme of gadgets and products that we’re featuring for the next few weeks. It’s our month of ergonomic products that make your office and home a little more friendly to our posture. We could dive into the various studies around how important it is to have…

Because now Alexa can actually show you how to do things instead of just telling you!  Watch your video flash briefings, listen to music or watch videos, enjoy hands free face-to-face calling, hook it up to your home security cameras or monitoring systems and simply ask Alexa to “show you the front door” to see who’s there. It can basically do everything that your first echo could do, but now way more!

What makes it cool: Gesture control is not new. Facial recognition is not new. But this startup uses artificial intelligence to extrapolate models of your facial landscape, creating an array of expressions. It’s a smile to unlock feature. Eventually, it could learn your moods, likes and dislikes based on your individual profile and, for example, suggest activities or restaurants during a trip.

This streaming device allows you to stream thousands of channels in up to 4K — four times the resolution of Full HD. You can search using voice commands and at night, if you don’t want to wake your significant other, take advantage of the headphone jack on the remote control for movie nights. Did we mention it supports Netflix as well? Well, that’s a given at this point.

The Automatic adapter plugs into a vehicle’s standard diagnostics port (lol, did you even know that existed?) and pairs with a smartphone app that shows information like why the check engine light is on, feedback on how you can drive more efficiently, and – most amazingly – where you parked your car!

Do yourself a favor and throw your basic $4 universal remote in the garbage can — that’s not a man-approved remote control, sorry. And, let’s face it, you lose it all too often anyway. One cool gadget you need in your life is a Logitech Harmony Home Control, a universal smart remote and base that allows you to use your smartphone as a remote as well. The device not only works with the majority of your entertainment devices, but also your home automation devices like Philips Hue or Nest Learning Thermostat (so you can lower the lights or change the temperature without even leaving your seat). The Logitech Harmony Home control works with over 270,000 devices, including TVs, satellite and cable boxes, blu-ray players, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos, Xbox, Philips Hue and more. So if you want to control the world around you without having to get up, pick up the Logitech Harmony Home Control — you’ll feel like a wizard!

Cool New Tech Coming in 2018 Dream Apps We Wish We Had Virtual Reality in the Real World The Worst Things About iOS 10 Celebrities Who Have Been Hacked Alt Keyboards Cooler Than QWERTY Apple TV Tips and Tricks Speaker Brands

Our love affair with Hisense continues because it continues to bring us great-quality products at competitive prices. There’s the sophisticated brushed-metal finish, minimal bezel and thin frame. There’s also the screen’s Ultra LED backlight, which goes beyond 4K HDR to deliver a staggering range of colours and contrasts. Plus, it’s available in multiple sizes up to a cinema-level 75.

For me, it’s my silicone garlic roller. Pop a clove of garlic in, roll it on the counter for a bit, and out pops your peeled garlic! I make a lot of dishes with a lot of garlic, including homemade hummus, and I didn’t know these things existed until a few months ago. It saves me so much trouble, and garlic smell on my hands! —hordeoralliancewtf

Braava has two cleaning modes to choose from depending on the job you need done. In sweep mode, Braava dry mops your floors moving in straight lines using dry cleaning cloths. In mop mode, Braava uses a special back-and-forth mopping action and damp cleaning cloths to lift surface dirt and grime off your floors.

When you’re going on a long journey and your passengers are using their phones/tablets, it can be helpful to be able to charge them en-route. However, with a charging port popped into the 12V DC socket (or 24V if you’re in a larger vehicle), if you have more than one passenger it can lead to arguments over whose gadget is more in need of a boost. The Olixar Triple USB Super Fast Car Charger can eliminate those car-journey squabbles. It comes with three USB ports – including two that are strong enough to charge tablets (2.1amps each) – the other is a 1 amp port for Smartphones. It’s worth noting the 1 amp port is on top (with the two 2.1 amp ports sitting below) as it’s not clear on the actual device.

The Mac: Refusing to take a back seat, Apple also offers a formidable streaming device in their Apple TV. With your choice of 32 or 64 gigs of onboard storage; access to everything from Netflix, to ESPN, to HBO; and the brand’s legendary product support, it’s hard to make an argument against this one.

Great car features start out as quirky ideas, ones you might easily dismiss before you realize their genius. Here’s a rundown of vehicle tech from startups and suppliers that caught our attention — and our best guess on whether the products will make it into cars.

This series of hi-fi headphones from lauded brand Sennheiser was created with a very specific goal in mind: to produce perfect sound. And while they may not actually be perfect, they’re certainly close. They come with innovative 56 millimeter diameter drivers, have a nominal impedance of 300 Ohms, and offer the kind of sound quality that would make any artist proud to have their music piped through them.

Prospects: Solidly possible — in the 2020s. The company’s product will be attractive to Tier 1s trying to improve their comfort and handling portfolio for autonomous vehicles. But it will take time to integrate the product into the supply chain, and using the cloud technology that sets it apart will require more cars with a data connection.

iPad cases have come a long way since the old grey and pink covers (R.I.P).  Whether you’re loing for a super-strong protective case that you can basically spike off the ground and your iPad will still be (please don’t try this at home) or something a little stylish like a leather case or, you […]

This engraving tool is perfect for those special little projects, DIY presents, and customized creations. It is easy to use, durable thanks to the diamond tip, and built to be able to engrave on the vast majority of common materials that you can use. Another great advantage that it brings to the table is the fact that it is battery powered, meaning that you do not have to deal with a power cord all the time while working with it, and you can simply let it recharge when you are not using it.

Too many websites that cover gadgets for men waste their time with non-tech items like rings, BBQ tools, and shaving kits, but not us: We get right down to the best stuff: the latest smart grills that send temperature alerts to your phone, the new fitness shirts that measure your heart-rate, awesome consumer 3D printers that can fit in your garage, along with a whole lot of other awesome gadgets. If you’re looking for something extra-affordable, we’ll keep you updated on the best tech deals, too! From vehicles to 4K TVs, there’s something for dad, brother, son, boyfriend or guy friend.

Mod Auto Cup Holder. fully cushioned to keep mod looking new. Designed to fit most standard auto, SUV, and truck cup holders. Perfect while driving in your car, truck, or boat. Diameter (top) 3.1 (bo…

Pulse is for parties, for pools and for people who want to stay connected. Glowing LEDs bring your music to life, combining 360-degree sound with a 360-degree lightshow. The built-in rechargeable battery gives you 12 hours’ playtime, Connect+ tech means you can connect with over 100 other Connect+ speakers, and you can even sync your lightshow with other Pulse 3 devices. It also includes a noise- and echo-cancelling speakerphone.

A very smart luggage carrier. The Raden A22 is a carry-on that is build with a proximity sensor, weighs itself, is superstrong, waterproof, and can charge a phone four times over. So every one want to use whenever they go out  stations it is very useful. This super looking carry bag is one of the most stylish gadgets for women that you can gift them.

Mophie is one of the biggest after-market smartphone accessory manufacturers for a reason: they offer things like this. Paired with one of their Charge Force equipped cases or when used with a phone built for it, the Powerstation will allow you to wirelessly charge your phone on-the-go. And it has a capacity of 10,000 mAh – a little more than 3 full iPhone 7 charges worth of juice..

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If she’s going to carry a Lightning charger around, let it be one that stands out. The Native Union Anchor Lightning Charging Cable has style to spare and the weighted silicone anchor keeps it in place.
Four color-coded chopping boards and four coordinating knives slide right in to a convenient and streamlined storage block. This set is nice for chopping small quantities or preparing food in kitchens with limited space, but it’s also available in larger sizes too.
BFGD stands for Big Format Gaming Display. How big is big? 65 inches, much bigger than most gaming monitors, which often max out at around half the size. The low-latency BFGD monitor was built by Nvidia along with partners HP, Asus and Acer, and packs the GPU maker’s Nvidia Shield streaming tech. 
The QBracelet looks like an ordinary bangle, but it can give her iPhone a 50 percent charge. Its simple design matches any look, and it comes in matte black, matte silver, polished gold, and polished silver.
Batteries aren’t included or even necessary here. That’s because Razer’s new wireless gaming mouse pulls its power directly from its mousepad. So the new Mamba is a few ounces lighter than its predecessors, but it still has Chroma accent lights that you can control from your PC.
If your best girl just brought home a new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X, you’ll want to get her a great wireless charging pad. This one from Belkin is specially made for the new iPhones, but it will also charge Android phones like the Galaxy S series that support wireless charging.
In the past, we used to get around on our two legs most of the time, but when mobility devices such as the bicycle became commonplace, that was all the rage. Of course, over the years, there were skateboards and in-line skates that made it easier to cover the distance without breaking out too much of a sweat. WHILL decided to take a look at the personal mobility device category and introduce what it thinks could be a game-changer: the Model Ci. This is touted to be a life-changing assistive personal mobility device which empowers confidence, and it will also feature IoT integration in order to deliver premium customer care.
This digital sports watch can easily become the go-to for the sports fanatic in your family. The design is sleek and sporty, everything you would want in an athletic look. Yet, the band is so lightweight, the wearer will hardly notice it is on. Plus, it is waterproof allowing for fun water activities. Furthermore, you can’t beat the price.
Google Glass is gone. Into the void steps Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, hitching a ride aboard the Vuzix Blade smart glasses. Vuzix has embedded a camera, microphone and side-mounted touchpad in this chunky but pretty normal-looking pair of sunglasses, which takes phone calls and puts Alexa’s giant brain between your ears. 
The world’s most powerful games console is entering its new chapter. It may look a little like a Playstation, but the Xbox One X outdoes Sony’s PS4 Pro on almost every level. Under the hood, the One X is running an 8-core 2.3Ghz processor, 12GB DDR5 RAM (shared between GPU and CPU) and 6TFLOPS graphical horsepower (compared to PS4 Pro’s 4.12). Backward compatibility you can choose from over 300 existing Xbox titles, and the console supports UHD Blu-rays and Dolby Atmos.
Give your guests the pleasure of peeling. This invention allows users to scramble eggs without ever removing them from the shell. After using, simply peel off the shell layer and cut the egg up with your fork to enjoy delicious scrambled eggs.
Electonics for the kitchen aren’t only there to make tasty food and beverages. They can also ensure higher standards and maintain the quality of produce. One such kitchen gadgets are the food thermometers. These are perfect for restaurants or canteens. Where there are health and safety requirements to check on food temperatures in storage or presentation. It’s an essential gadget at a low price!
HTC is upping its virtual reality game. The new Vive Pro will offer enhanced resolution, integrated headphones and, perhaps most important, a new wireless adaptor that will let you finally roam virtual worlds untethered.
The battery-operated Hip’Air looks like a belt and snaps on like a fanny pack. It features an electronic fall detection device and two lateral airbags, so it knows within seconds if the wearer is falling and can then detonate the airbags instantly.
Is it a watch? Is it an activity monitor? Is it a smartwatch? In fact, the Nokia Steel HR is all of those things. This all-singing, all-dancing, all-tracking hybrid watch that mixes analogue styling with digital health monitoring. It comes with continuous heart-rate monitoring, automatic activity tracking, smartphone notifications, a Heath Mate app to analyse your data, plus wellness programmes to improve your well-being, but it looks like a smart, sleek French-design timepiece. It also has a best-in-class rechargeable battery that will keep the time and the technology running for up to 25 days.
When it comes to women-targeted tech, companies used to assume that a female’s product choices revolve around just one feature: the color pink. In other words, slather a pink coating on a laptop or mp3 player and you could supposedly transform it into a must-have for female gadget shoppers. Following that line of logic, a chorus line of Pepto-tinted and Swarovski crystal-encrusted keyboards, earbuds, smartphones and other electronics have sashayed into stores, crafted under the erroneous assumption that women can’t resist ultra-girly merchandise.
2. Click, whir. Have digital photos left you longing for something more … tangible? The retro-cool Polaroid OneStep 2 lets you shoot — and hold — a photo. This camera fits right in with the growing popularity of Polaroids as an art form: It can use a variety of films for different effects. The OneStep 2 is $99.
Relieve Stress With An Outdoor Canopy Bed… This unique take on a hammock makes it easy to kick back after a tough day at work or when the stresses of the day wear on you. Take the time to relax in this easy to use canopy bed and enjoy its pleasant rocking motion. As…
The staff and volunteers at 18 Reasons, a nonprofit cooking school in San Francisco that teaches families how to shop and cook on a budget, share an easy menu for a healthy meal–and talk about the issues facing the communities they cook with.
This engraving tool is perfect for those special little projects, DIY presents, and customized creations. It is easy to use, durable thanks to the diamond tip, and built to be able to engrave on the vast majority of common materials that you can use. Another great advantage that it brings to the table is the fact that it is battery powered, meaning that you do not have to deal with a power cord all the time while working with it, and you can simply let it recharge when you are not using it.
So far my favorite part about the NEGG boiled egg peeler is 18 seconds into the demo video. That’s when a patient-looking grandma hand gets frustrated with her old-fashioned egg-peeling efforts and squashes the whole…
This, unbelievably, is exactly what the name suggests, a mini desktop cannon that fires standard BBs. And, it’s pretty damn cool. You really need to watch the video to see it in action. I’m certain this will be used for…
This coffe mug warmer is unlike the other warmers you may have already seen or have been using. First, its design is so elegant that it doesn’t look anything like a conventional coffee mug warmer. Second, the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is constructed of highly durable and very slick materials to make cleaning a breeze. Simply wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth or tissue and it’s back to being brand new. Mr. Coffee also comes with a lengthy cord so keeping your much warm regardless of its location should be easy. At 17 watts, it’s energy efficient, too.
Razor, renowned maker of scooters, has developed yet another way to test the patience of parents. The company’s new Turbo Jetts motorized heel wheels go up to 10 mph. The removable battery, which will give you 2 to 4 hours of peace while it charges, delivers about 30 minutes of motorized wheel time. The device can be adjusted to fit both kids (size 12 and up) and, when the inevitable time out is served, adults (up to adult size 12). 
What makes this monitor great – and why it is one that is very sought-after by gamers everywhere – is the fact that it features a slight curve along its screen. This offers a field of view for shooting and military games, provides a better overlay and better vision for strategy games, and gives a much more immersive experience for RPG and MMORPG games. Where a flat monitor is merely a small window into the world of gaming, curved ones are a step inside it. This is why this 27-inch curved monitor is currently one of the more popular choices for gamers everywhere, regardless of what genre, what experience level, and what dedication they might have.
Aside from running out of breath to inflate it, this waterproof cushion takes out all the work of taking a bath. You, too, can be highly entertained by your iPhone homescreen. The pillow also works just as well (if not better) out of the bath.
13. Condiment Gun ($16): This one’s perfect for food fights (kidding, but not really). Make your mustard and ketchup squirting more enjoyable with this condiment gun — but don’t let the fun stop there. You can also fill it with BBQ sauce, spicy mayo or honey mustard.
All this is good news for gadget buyers as things move up-market. Chinavasion is here finding and stocking the best gadget offerings at the cheapest prices. We weed out the stuff that isn’t good enough. This makes sure the majority of Chinese made junk products never see the light of day. So you can focus on only trusted and functional products in our many categories and enjoy a great service.
ZENTA is a wearable for your wrist that tracks a number of bodily diagnostics from stress, your heart rate and sleeping patterns but also looks very pretty on your arm. You can get it as a bracelet or a necklace for you or a friend in several colors and gems (the one shown in the picture is in the altruis, rose gold and white combo). The bracelet goes for $195 on Vinaya.
Hauling your luggage around an airport is very 2017. We are now in 2018, however, and this year we finally get a chance to buy a hands-free, autonomous carry-on suitcase that will follow you anywhere at a max speed of 7 mph (11 kph).
This is exactly what it sounds like: a remote-controlled key finding system that comes with four different colored key chains and one remote control. When failing to find a specific set of keys, or when a family member has lost their set, simply push the button on the remote control that corresponds to that color. A sound will ring out of the respective keychain and all you have to do is follow the sound to the keys. It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s small, it’s comfortable, and it’s perfect for everyone.
Whether baking cakes and cookies, creating your homemade pasta sauce or portioning your protein intake for the day, you’ll be happy to have mixing, measuring and weighing tools on hand. Our measuring cups and spoons are well marked in proper increments and made of copper, glass or stainless-steel. Digital kitchen scales in small or high capacities take the guesswork out of food and ingredient measuring. Browse our quality selection of mixing bowls made of colorful, unbreakable melamine, sturdy stainless-steel and glass as well.

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Don’t forget that ships worldwide, so you can shop here wherever you are in the world. Just like any other e-commerce store. If you see cool kit on other websites and wonder if Chinavasion could source it for you, why not contact us. Use the contact us link at the bottom of the shop website, we’re always happy to hear from our customers.
Sony took one of our favorite LCD TVs of 2017 and supersized it. The monstrous 85-inch X900F sticks with its predecessor’s full-array local dimming LED backlight and adds Dolby Vision high dynamic range compatibility.
Mophie’s brilliant wireless charging power pack not only charges your iPhone from 0 to 100% in case you’re out of juice, it allows you to use any wireless charger that uses its Charge Force Wireless Technology. Just sit your iPhone on your nightstand at night and have it charged the next morning without dealing with pesky power cables.
If you’re looking for the perfect mobile accessory for your retro ’90s outfit, the Gemini clamshell is for you. Pure throwback on the outside, but all business on the inside with a 10-core processor, 64GB of storage and 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 
This creative cereal bowl features a partial barrier that divides it in two, with one side reserved for milk and the other for cereal. It’s the perfect bowl for people who don’t understand how cereal works!
5. Ice Cream Slider Makers ($5): We found something that you never thought you needed: An ice cream sandwich maker! Simply place your favorite cookie in the bottom, followed by a scoop of creamy goodness and top with another cookie. Perfect sammies every time, without the mess.
Everpurse launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and has now teamed up with Kate Spade to offer its signature hidden phone charging pouch built right inside a bevy of purses and wristlets. The bag shown here retails for $198 and can be found in stores or online.
You told us what you wanted and now we’re delivering it. ShippingPass is our new subscription program designed to bring you unlimited 2-day free shipping for one year with no minimum order. Get what you need ― fast!
There is a huge range of gizmo gadgets with plenty of gifts for geeks and toys for kids. One such example is the flying toys which are one of the hottest gadgets in 2017. These come in all sizes from a palm size mini drone that fit in your hand to bigger quad-copters carrying 4K cameras, such as the DJI Phantom. These are able to capture stunning aerial photography. Many of these can synced to your smartphone or iPad and offer immense FVP photography. If drones don’t take your fancy then toy smart robots could be just the ticket. These cool cheap gadgets provide hours of entertainment and make an ideal gift for boys.
The Bluetooth headphone that could finally get audiophiles to cut the cord. Beyerdynamic’s Amiron wireless headphone is articulate, with excellent clarity and bass definition, and superior to the company’s on-ear Aventho Wireless — a great Bluetooth headphone in its own right.
We live in a time of input overload. The Sky box, your Blu-ray player, the new Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, streaming off your laptop or Chromecast from your mobile. Caavo fixes the confusion, configuring your eight most-used devices in one universal hub. It streamlines navigation, already works with Alexa (Siri and Google are coming) and doesn’t try to compete for your attention.
Keep your hands clean by investing in these Diprs, which are a neat tool that allow you to dip any sandwich cookie in milk without using your fingers. With a design similar to a lacrosse stick, it’s also great for hurling wet cookies long distances toward your enemies.
Speaking of cameras…This is either the prettiest or ugliest camera bag you’ve ever seen, depending on how you feel about black feathers and red velvet. But for the goth girl in all of us Marc Jacobs made this small camera bag. And it’s the perfect gift for your friend an affinity for black lipstick and hi-tech lens power. You can find it on one of my favorite online clothing destinations Shopbop for a cool $495.
Because stuffing those stockings doesn’t have to always be a super last minute thing. In a panic over the stocking stuffer chore?  De-stress and quickly and easily shop our top rated stocking stuffer ideas for men, women, and children this 2018 holiday season.  Some of these ideas are so cool you’ll probably want to pick some up […]
The Ionic builds on Fitbit’s health and fitness expertise, offering a highly personalised experience that’s a level up from its competitors. There’s a new relative SPO2 sensor, industry-leading GPS, improved heart-rate tracking and water resistance for up to fifty meters. Also, new smart features such as contactless payments, on-board music and smart notifications just make this the ultimate gift for technology fans.
The SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is Bose’s take on what a portable wireless speaker should be. It’s designed for ease of connectivity, allowing Bluetooth devices to pair up with the speaker even though they are up to 30 feet apart. Bluetooth connection doesn’t even require any pressing of buttons as the whole system can be connected via voice prompts. The SoundLink is powered by lithium ion batteries that can give you exceptional playtime of up to 10 hours. This should be great for providing music at a beach party. Like all Bose products, the SoundLink delivers great quality sounds all the time.
Kitchen gadgets seem to be one of the most abundant kinds of cool gadgets. Not only are there Cooking Gadgets.(which has its own category!) but the clean-up, organization and food serving deserve attention too. Which is exactly what you will find in this section.
This professional grade beard trimmer from one of the most reliable grooming product brands out there is the perfect companion to a well-groomed beard. It not only will trim your beard, it can clip your hair as well. The wall outlet plug means you will never have to worry about running out of juice again.
The Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. folding knife listing neglects to explain its M.A.G.I.C. acronym, so at first I thought maybe it didn’t stand for anything, that the caps and dots are just there for their imposing, visual…
A USB Drive With Steampunk Style! If you are a fan of steampunk and tech gadgets, then you are going to want to check out this steampunk inspired USB flash drive. Each flash drive is handmade in Latvia and the attention to detail as well as the technical abilities are…
iPad cases have come a long way since the old grey and pink covers (R.I.P).  Whether you’re loing for a super-strong protective case that you can basically spike off the ground and your iPad will still be (please don’t try this at home) or something a little stylish like a leather case or, you […]
Until now, adizero Sub2 runner was only available to elite Adidas athletes but now the brand is offering it to everyone. As the “most advanced, fast and lightweight running shoe ever created” by Adidas, the low profile, featherweight runner is sure to be a hit. Available March 15.
Throughout the year, our sister site, AskMen, scours the web to find the latest and greatest products that people are eyeing and buying. Their editors carefully curate each gift guide to ensure their recommendations are at the intersection of what’s trending, and what people actually want. Head over to find that special gift for the women in your life, from the Amazon Echo or Polaroid Snap to designer watches, classic fragrances, apparel and more.
“If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen” – these creative kitchen gifts are perfect for those of us who slave away in these hottest of hells to make our friends and loved ones the tastiest of food. When the going gets tough, these tools will bring a smile to the toughest cook’s face.
Raise your glass to holiday cheer with a subscription to mixed beverages service Saloonbox. The startup specializes in ready-to-make cocktail mixes shipped to your door, starting at $37.50 per month, with the option of canceling anytime. Your best gal pal will thank you later.
5. What’s for dinner? Samsung Electronics’ Family Hub Refrigerator offers “connected living” and is both a storage and communication device. With a built-in screen on its door, family members can leave messages, see what’s in the fridge while at the store, adjust the thermostat or even check on a sleeping baby in the next room. It will be for sale in the spring; pricing wasn’t available.

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La liste de sites de ventes aux enchères ci-dessous est différente des sites présentés ci-dessus, ils ont pour principal rôle de vous informer des prochaines ventes des hôtels physiques et de pouvoir enchérir en live et depuis internet sur des objets / lots durant ces ventes.
47 % des cyberacheteurs sont frustrés par les livraisons, les marchandises qu’il faut renvoyer et la perte de produits, entre autres, durant la période festive de Noël. En outre, l’insatisfaction est sur une pente ascendante comparée à l’an passé.
Une étude basée sur l’e-commerce mondial a été menée par Pitney Bowes, une société technologique internationale. On y retrouve les opinions des e-marchands ainsi que des consommateurs. Voici ce qu’il en ressort :
Vous pouvez regarder pratiquement toutes les chaînes 24h/24 et 7j/7 gratuitement, le tout en Ultra HD bien sûr. Il faut noter que la portée optimale est de 48 km depuis une source d’émission TV, mais il y en a partout dans le monde. La météo et d’autres facteurs environnementaux peuvent aussi avoir un impact sur la réception, cependant grâce à la technologie avancée de HDAntenne, cela ne vous affectera pratiquement pas.
Si votre demande de carte à ce taux n’est pas approuvée, il se peut que la Banque Canadian Tire accepte d’émettre une carte à votre nom portant un taux d’intérêt annuel de 25,99 % pour toutes les transactions, à l’exception des transactions au comptant et des frais afférents, pour lesquels le taux d’intérêt annuel sera de 27,99 %.
Transactions au comptant (avances de fonds, transferts de solde, chèques de commodité, transferts de fonds, achats de chèques de voyage et transactions liées aux jeux de hasard) et frais afférents : 22,99 %.
Les criminels gèrent parfois des sites de services d’entiercement frauduleux. Ils subtiliseront votre argent et s’enfuiront ensuite. Les sites légitimes d’entiercement font le paiement à la place du client pour assurer les achats importants. Cependant, les criminels qui procèdent aux escroqueries par des sites d’entiercement créent de faux sites dans le seul et unique but de duper le client. Ces sites paraissent identiques aux originaux. Sans le savoir, le client « autorise » un criminel à lui voler son argent.
La plupart du temps pour les ventes aux enchères une taxe dû à l’organisateur de la vente qui n’est pas indiquée dans le prix de référence est à régler en supplément, elle s’ajoute après l’achat et dépend du commissaire priseur ou du site pour les enchères en ligne.
Dès ce mois-ci, lire comprendre votre facture Rogers sera une expérience complètement différente. Dans ses efforts soutenus visant à mieux vous servir, Rogers a changé l’allure et le format de votre facture. Adaptée pour répondre à vos besoins, cette nouvelle facture vous permet aussi de gérer plus facilement vos services de Rogers.
Si vous êtes en mode économie, Etsy est le site par excellence pour trouver des items mode et beauté à prix abordables faits par des artisans. On se jette à plein nez dans la section promo qui nous permet de faire de belles trouvailles. On voit même combien on a économisé, on adore!
Some gadgets require the .NET Framework to be installed. Try this: Press Win+X, select control panel, search for Turn Windows features on or off and select everything with .NET in its name. Press OK.
Cette fois, il s’agit du spécialiste de l’achat groupé en téléphonie ! Grâce à lui, obtenez des remises importantes sur les nouveaux téléphones tendance. propose de nombreux Smartphones et produits high-tech à des prix extrêmement bas ! Jetez-y un œil, vous risquez d’être ravis !
Vous devez passer votre permis de conduire ? Acheter de l’additif moteur ? Faire bientôt le contrôle technique de votre voiture ? Ou encore une révision ou le lavage de votre voiture ? Inscrivez-vous sur et découvrez les spécialistes de l’automobile de votre secteur qui proposent des tarifs défiant toutes concurrences ! Voilà de quoi faire de sacrées économies.
beaute billet d’humour business Culture Emulsion déco entreprendre entrepreneur grossesse maison d’expat mode noel ramadan recette restaurants dubai s’installer a dubai sante shopping soins naturels Sport tendances deco tendances mode theatre dubai vacances au pays vie pro visiter dubai et les emirats
The company’s most successful products are subject to constant refinement. Former CEO Eric Schmidt calls this system “Ship and Iterate,” and in his book How Google Works he makes a consistent case for not even trying to get things right the first time. “Create a product, ship it, see how it does, design and implement improvements, and push it back out,” Schmidt writes. “Ship and iterate. The companies that are the fastest at this process will win.” When Google became Alphabet, all the company’s longer-term projects broke off, to give them breathing room away from Google’s ruthless product scythe. They were all called “moonshots,” as if anything that takes longer than a year might as well be impossible.
Services Québec vise à améliorer les services publics offerts tant aux citoyens qu’aux entreprises. La section du site Web consacrée aux consommateurs offre de l’information et des conseils utiles sur de nombreux sujets en matière de consommation, notamment l’achat en ligne.
« Les jeunes femmes sont sur-consommatrices de mode sur Internet », note par ailleurs l’institut, en indiquant que si les achats de vêtements des femmes représentent 49% du marché en valeur, cette part atteint 55% sur Internet. 
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Le site de vente aux enchères par excellence. Ebay est le leader de la vente par enchère mais vous permet égfalement d’acheter des produits à prix fixe, selon les vendeurs. De nombreux articles pour toute la famille.
Service Alberta examine les plaintes des consommateurs, applique la loi sur la protection du consommateur et fournit des produits d’information et des services aux consommateurs. La publication Reality Choices: Shopping for Satisfaction de Service Alberta contient de l’information et des conseils sur un certain nombre de questions, notamment l’achat en ligne.
Vente de chaussures et vêtements en ligne – LIVRAISON GRATUITE sur plus de 1 300 Marques : Diesel, Esprit, Desigual, Guess, Adidas, Nike… Le site vous offre plusieurs avantages comme la vente des produits des grandes marques mais à prix réduit et des nouvelles ventes privées. Le service client est aussi gratuit. (voir fiche : zalando)
Si vous n’êtes pas pressés, allez faire un tour sur AliExpress, l’Amazon chinois. Vous y trouverez des prix défiants toute concurrence. Souvent deux à trois fois moins cher que les prix ! Avec parfois des frais de livraison offerts. L’inconvénient majeur est cependant le temps de livraison, souvent compris entre un et deux mois. Vous risquez également de d’avoir un packaging différent, à vous de voir si cela est important pour vous. Mais au final vous serez gagnant !
Why is the Segway personal scooter such a potent cultural symbol? Maybe it has something to do with providing a metaphor for increasingly out-of-shape Americans. Perhaps it was seeing a U.S. president fall off one. Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” video helped, too. The Segway—as hyped and as mocked as it has been—is a defining example of “last mile” transportation, an electric scooter designed to make walking obsolete. (Recently, the idea has been somewhat revived by the emergence of so-called hover boards, which are now also entering a kind of post-fad twilight.) The Segway’s symbolic impact greatly exceeded its commercial success. Unit sales never exceeded the six-figure mark before the firm was purchased by a Chinese interest in 2015 for an undisclosed sum.

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Welcome to If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Stay on for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.

Es ist mir schon oft passiert: meine Tasche kippt um und die Tampons kullern raus… Damit das nicht passiert und um die Form auf der Damentoilette zu wahren, gibt es neckische kleine Täschchen – natürlich extra nur für diesen einen Zweck. Ich nutze eine kleine Box, die es manchmal gratis zu den Tampons gibt, aber zugegeben: darin klappert es manchmal.

This follow-me robot assistant uses face recognition to identify angry, scrunchy countenances. If it’s a baby it’ll notify you and automatically launch into pacification mode with music, a fan or an audiobook.

Morgen Männer! Zwar ist noch etwas Zeit für das Wort zum Sonntag, aber trotzdem habe ich heute ein ernstes Thema für Euch. Es geht um sexuellen Missbrauch von Frauen und wie Erfinder Erfindungen erfinden, um sie zu schützen. Ich stelle einige Anti-Vergewaltigungs-Gadgets für Frauen vor. Der Artikel ist NSFW.

Genieß einfach deine Freizeit mit unserer Auswahl an kleinen Geschenkartikeln, die wohl keiner wirklich zwingend braucht, aber die den Alltag garantiert witzige gestalten und bereichern. Nur Vorsicht: Alle unsere Artikel in unserem Gadget Shop sind mit XXL Spaßfaktor ausgestattet und können bei ausgiebigem Gebrauch süchtig machen!

Ihre Frau überrascht Sie jedes Jahr mit einem kreativen Geschenk und Sie wollen Ihr dieses Jahr in nichts nachstehen? Verblüffen Sie sie mit Kreativität und Originalität. Es muss nicht immer Schmuck sein! Eine romantische Ballonfahrt bei Sonnenaufgang wird nicht nur Ihre Frau begeistern. Stöbern Sie auf unserer Seite und entdecken Sie viele weiter außergewöhnliche Geschenkideen. Wie wäre es zum Beispiel mit:

Eine einzige Tastatur für PC, Smartphone und Tablet: Mit dem Multi-Device Keyboard K480 von Logitech können Sie per Drehschalter kabellos zwischen bis zu 3 Geräten hin und her schalten. Über die Gerätehalterung lassen sich Tablet und Smartphone leicht angewinkelt platzieren, um alle Geräte, die mit der Tastatur verbunden sind, komfortabel im Blick zu behalten. Schreiben Sie beispielsweise gerade am PC einen Text und es erreicht Sie eine SMS auf dem Smartphone, auf die Sie mit der Tastatur antworten wollen, reicht ein kurzes Umschalten.

It can be fixed to the inside of the rear car window or dashboard by a power suction cup. It’s remote control for the front of the car fixes to the front windscreen (using power suction cup) or optionally can be stowed in a front compartment (it’s fixing bracket can be removed).

Badeset – Blumenduft Geschenkset: bezaubernde Geschenkidee für Frauen Handgefertigt: handgemachte duftende Badeprodukte Verschiedene Geschenksets : Wähle aus fünf verschiedenen Badesets Dein persönliches Highlight Auf Wunsch mit…

hr seid auf der Suche nach lustigen Gadgets fürs Auto, um ein wenig Abwechslung in die nächste Fahrt zu bringen? Nichts einfacher als das – wir haben uns für Euch auf die Suche nach lustigen und coolen Auto Gadgets gemacht!

Leuchtende Augen, ein breites Grinsen im Gesicht und die HÀnde sofort bereit, das neue Lieblings-Gadget auf Herz und Niere zu testen. So sieht es aus, wenn Technik Gadgets MÀnner wirklich begeistern. Und genau das erreichst Du problemlos mit unserem Sammelsurium der aller besten Technik Gadgets. Schau Dir doch einmal unseren Helikopter mit Seiten-Turbinen oder das das 3D Hubschrauber Flugobjekt – ferngesteuert an. Diese beiden genialen fliegenden Modelle werden dem oder der Beschenkten eine riesige Freude bereiten! Wer eher auf der Suche nach praktischem Handy- und Smartphone-Zubehör ist, sollte mit dem Bluetooth OhrenwÀrmer oder fingertip clips and other gadgets Touchscreen Handschuhe fÃŒr Frauen in sechs verschiedenen Farben problemlos sein GlÃŒck finden. Beides in Kombination ermöglicht Dir den ersten Winter Deines Lebens ohne von der KÀlte taube Finger und Ohren, obwohl Du zugleich selbstverstÀndlich jederzeit mobil erreichbar bist.

Stöbere einfach in unserem Online-Geschenke-Shop und lass’ Dich selbst von unserem Angebot an Geschenkideen für Männer überzeugen! Unter Geschenke für Väter findest Du speziell für Deinen Vater oder Schwiegervater beliebte Produkte. Und mit unseren lustigen Geschenken bringst Du jeden Mann zum Lachen. Todsicher.

Mit diesem All In One Gerät, hat man fast alles dabei, was man im Falle des Falles brauchen könnte. Wovon wir reden, ist der Notfall, ein Unfall mit dem Auto. Nachdem geklärt ist, dass keine größeren Verletzungen entstanden sind, ist die Frage, wie

Heavy rain outside the Las Vegas Convention Center this week didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of inventors, promoters and entrepreneurs who were inside showing off their current or soon-to-be-released products at CES 2018.

The battery-operated Hip’Air looks like a belt and snaps on like a fanny pack. It features an electronic fall detection device and two lateral airbags, so it knows within seconds if the wearer is falling and can then detonate the airbags instantly.

Geburtstagsgeschenke Muttertagsgeschenke Vatertagsgeschenke Hochzeitsgeschenke Taufgeschenke Geschenke zum Hochzeitstag Babygeschenke zur Geburt Geschenke zur Silberhochzeit Geschenke zur Goldenen Hochzeit Jahrestag Geschenke

Werden Sie persönlich und verschenken Sie personalisierbare Geschenkartikel. Personalisierbare Geschenke sind tolle Geschenke für Frauen. Mit einem persönlichen Liebesschloss zeigen Sie Ihrer Freundin die Unendlichkeit Ihrer Liebe. Bei finden Sie auch tollen Schmuck den Sie kostenlos gravieren lassen können. Ein beliebtes Geschenk ist das Silber-Armband mit Diamantgravur. Verschenken Sie Freude!

7 Millionen Euro erzielte ein 250 GT auf einer Auktion, ein Wagen, um den schon berühmte Rennfahrer wie Stirling Moss oder Wolgang Graf Berghe von Trips zu schätzen wussten. Der Ferrari-Sammler u. Mediziner, Prof. Schouwenburg schwärmte in der Sueddeutschen Zeitung: Mit Abstand das beste Auto, das ich je hatte. Zwölf Jahre lang bin ich damit Rennen gefahren, habe viele Preise gewonnen: Bestimmt 40 oder 50 Pokale, nur mit dem einen Auto. Es war völlig original, ein ehemaliges Einsatzauto des Schweizer Rennteams ‘Ecurie du Nord’, eine Rennsportausführung mit Alukarosse. […] Mit dem SWB konnte ich auch zum Einkaufen oder in den Urlaub fahren. Zwölfzylinder-V-Motor mit 2.953 ccm Hubraum: Leistung: 280 – 300 PS bei 7.000 U/min Höchstgeschwindigkeit: +270 km/h. von 0–100 km/h ca. 6,3 s Dieses Fahrzeug konnte man unter der Woche im Alltag bewegen und am Wochenende äußerst wettbewerbsfähig über eine Rennpiste hetzen. Die 250-er Modelle waren Nachfolger der Ferrari-Modelle 166, 195 und 212. Die Sportwagen-Modelle und einige und Rennsportwagen mit der Bezeichnug 250 wurden von von 1953 bis 1965 gefertigt. Legendär war der V-12 Zylinder Motor, der als sog. Colombo-Motor in die Geschichte einging. Den V12, den der geniale Konstukteur Gioacchino Colombo für Enzo Ferrari entwickelt hatte, kam über 15 Jahre lang in den Sportwagen von Ferrari zum Einsatz, zuletzt im Nachfolgemodell des Ferrari 250, dem Ferrari 275 im Jahr 1967.

Dash cameras have been shown to be the easiest way to protect yourself from big fines or lawsuits. Most dash cameras are always running, and they give you the ability to quickly save video in an event of crash or other accidents. They range from $15 on Amazon up to a few hundred, depending on the type of functionality you desire.

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Passer des heures à fouiller les rayons d’une boutique vintage vous donne des sueurs froides? Boat People Vintage résout le problème en proposant des vêtements et accessoires seconde main en ligne, sélectionnés avec goût. Pas de risque donc de tomber sur un vêtement de mauvaise qualité. Ici, on trouve la perle rare en un clic sans perdre notre temps.
Les options supplémentaires payantes incluses par défaut (également appelées « opt-out ») sont interdites. Par exemple, une « assurance annulation » ne doit pas être pré-cochée dans votre panier d’achat d’un billet de spectacle.
Quand on entend gadget on pense aussi high tech. Et oui ces derniers prennent de plus en plus de place dans nos vies depuis l’arrivée d’internet notamment avec l’ordinateur, téléphone, la tablette etc…Sur Comment Se Ruiner nous avons rangé tout ça dans des catégories afin que les plus grands adeptes de high tech s’y retrouvent. Accessoires ordinateurs, accessoires smartphones, gadget USB… Vous trouverez de tout. Du haut parleur Bluetooth à la coque de smartphone originale, de quoi ravir la génération connectée. Du gadget high tech ce n’est pas ça qui manque par ici, et il y en a pour tous les portefeuilles. Gadget cher, gadget pas cher vous trouverez forcément celui qu’il vous faut selon votre budget !
Notez que pour tout achat en ligne, en cas de fraude, votre banque est tenue de vous rembourser si un débit a été effectué sur votre compte sans preuve de votre identité (par exemple sans le code à 4 chiffres de la carte ou une signature).
Also welcome to a brand new theme here at We are featuring a range of Slimming World recipes along with us following Slimming World personally to highlight wholesome cooking and getting lots of extra vegetables into our diet.
Few products are so iconic that their design remains largely unchanged after more than 20 years. Such is the case with the ThinkPad line of laptops, which challenged the dominance of Apple and Compaq in the personal computing industry during the early 1990s by introducing features that were considered to be innovative at the time. (It’s also part of the permanent collection at New York City’s MoMA.) One of the earliest in the line, the ThinkPad 700C, came with a 10.4-inch color touch screen, larger than displays offered by other competing products. Its TrackPoint navigation device and powerful microprocessors were also considered to be groundbreaking in the early 1990s.
Le Hokkyoku Monogatari refroidissement mousse est extrêmement malléable de sorte que vous pouvez façonner en un bracelet ou un collier, ou tout simplement le frotter dans votre peau pendant un certain soulagement invisible.Il est uniquement disponible au Japon afin de ne pas aller à la recherche d’une boîte dans vos CVS locaux.
From Rodney King and citizen journalism to America’s Funniest Home Videos and unscripted television, the camcorder did as much to change the world from 1983 to 2006 as it did to record it. And though the 1984 JVC VideoMovie wasn’t the first model on the market, it became iconic when Marty McFly lugged it around in 1985’s Back to the Future. The ruby red model was the first to integrate the tapedeck into the camera. (Previously, home videographers had to wear a purse-like peripheral that housed the cassette.) Eventually, camcorders were displaced by flash memory-packing Flip Video cameras and, later, smartphones. But their impact will live forever, like the movies they captured.
Avec les beaux jours qui reviennent, quelle joie de pouvoir profiter de sa terrasse ou de son jardin pour prendre le soleil. Enfin, en théorie, car vous habitez peut-être dans un appartement deux pièces de 30m2 sans extérieur…
Évidemment les opérateurs de télévision n’aiment pas ça du tout, mais ils ne peuvent rien y faire. Ils sont tenus par la loi de maintenir ce signal. Et maintenant, avec des antennes avancées comme HDAntenne, vous pouvez finalement le capter.
Pour annuler partiellement ou entièrement un achat effectué par l’entremise du site web de RONA inc., il vous suffit de contacter le magasin sélectionné lors de votre achat ou de composer sans frais le 1 866 283-2239 du lundi au vendredi entre 8 h et 21 h (HE) et samedi et dimanche entre 8 h et 17 h (HE). Veuillez citer en référence le numéro de commande mentionné dans le courriel que vous avez reçu. Le remboursement sera effectué au mode de paiement original. Prévoyez 5 à 7 jours ouvrables pour voir le montant sur votre compte.
Immediately upon his arrival, Osterloh set out with Rosenberg to find every hardware project happening at Google, no matter how small. They found more than a dozen projects involving upwards of 1,000 people. Some were working on Nexus phones, others on a new line called Pixel. There were hugely publicized long-term projects like Google Glass and the Project Ara modular smartphone. Some Googlers were building Chromebooks, others were working on a new kind of Wi-Fi router. No centralized structure connected these teams, nor was there an overall plan. Osterloh called it a loose federation, “the European Union of hardware.” And he didn’t mean that in a good way.
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Catawiki est accessible à tous avec des enchères démarrant à partir de 1€, il est idéal pour débuter en matière d’enchères aussi bien en tant qu’acheteur que vendeur. Mais il est aussi adapté aux enchérisseurs plus aguerris avec des pièces de collection et des objets d’art plus onéreux.
Resolved an error message preventing to install when an uninstall previously went wrong. Added several gadgets and updated a few. New users will get a message now that the sidebar is closable and that gadgets still can be moved to the desktop.
Made many gadgets work on Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Fixed a bug in Clipboarder that prevented Dropping of files onto Clipboarder on Windows 10. Added a bugfix by Sergey Shkurov to make the buttons in the Slideshow Gadget work again.
Autre phénomène lié à la démocratisation des smartphones : de plus en plus d’achats sont réalisés à partir des terminaux mobiles. Au total, 9,3 millions de français ont déjà effectué un achat à partir de leur mobile pour un peu plus de 11 milliards d’euros de chiffre d’affaires. 
I love carrot. I mean I REALLY LOVE carrots. When I was little my Grandad had an allotment. It was a small one on some communal land and there would be a few regulars always looking after their greens.
Après un achat sur internet, vous disposez de droits lors de l’exécution de votre commande. Ils concernent la date de livraison du bien ou de la fourniture du service et le suivi de la commande. Ils peuvent aussi jouer en cas de mauvaise, ou de défaut d’exécution, de la commande.
On a constitué ce top 10 en nous basant sur plusieurs critères, et nous n’avons pas ignoré le retour d’expérience des gens et leurs recommandations, mais au final il y aura forcément quelqu’un qui a vécu une mauvaise expérience avec un de ces sites, on est là pour écouter.
Avant de régler votre commande, une page récapitule vos achats et le montant total, frais de livraison inclus. Si vous en avez, c’est le moment d’ajouter un code de réduction. Si vous n’êtes pas d’accord avec ce récapitulatif, il est encore temps d’annuler. 
Site agréable, mais des vins médiocres se glissent au milieu de belles signatures. La livraison est longue. Si l’on participe à plusieurs ventes, les frais de port s’additionnent (pas de livraison groupée). Et au téléphone, l’employé du service client n’est guère disert…
La boutique dédiée à toutes les chaussures et aux vêtements de sports. Vous trouverez de nombreux modèles de chaussures des plus grandes marques ainsi qu’une large gamme de vêtements pour les ados, les hommes et les femmes.
Peu importe la version que vous recevez, la facture modernisée et simplifiée a un but précis : vous aider à gérer rapidement vos services, sans confusion. Parce que moins de temps passé à vous interroger sur votre facture signifie plus de temps à profiter de vos services, n’est-ce pas?
Osterloh is still a sports nut—his Google office is easy to find, it’s the one with the huge poster of Warriors star Stephen Curry on the window—but the tech industry quickly became his home. After graduating in 1994, Osterloh landed a consulting gig, but he didn’t like that all he made was documents and presentations. So he went back to Stanford, this time for business school. After a summer internship at Amazon, he took a job at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, where he researched possible investments in mobile technology. BlackBerry was starting to generate interest, and Osterloh dove into a case study of it. He set up BlackBerry’s first device, the Inter@ctive Pager, and was amazed by how well the little messaging machine worked. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Vous pouvez régler vos achats en ligne (incluant les achats de cartes-cadeaux) par carte de crédit en entrant le nom du détenteur de la carte et l’adresse qui figure sur le relevé de compte dans le processus d’achat en ligne. Le paiement complet par carte de crédit au moment de l’achat est la seule méthode de paiement permettant de faire des achats en ligne sur le présent site web. Les cartes de crédit VISA et MasterCard émises par des banques canadiennes ainsi que les cartes RONAvantages, RONA VISA Desjardins et RONA Commerciale sont acceptées.
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Alors oui, c’est très très très cher. Sauf que vous trouverez des pièces originales mais portables, à la coupe impeccable. Petite astuce : guettez activement les ventes outlets, qui valent vraiment le coup.

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Meet Olly, a fusion between smart home hubs, such as the Amazon Echo, and smart home robots. It can respond to your questions by looking up information for you, and can control all of your smart devices and internet-connected products. But, like a robot, Olly has deep-learning capabilities that mean it gets to know you and your daily routines over time, and will evolve to become more like you and respond to the patterns of your life.

This cable has a 3.5 mm stereo male plug on each end. So you’ve got a smartphone filled with your favorite tunes. You put a case on your phone to protect it from scratches, but now your 3.5 mm audio c…

Ahhh, a sauna that I don’t have to share with half a dozen other sprawled out and sweaty dudes at the gym (dudes who, counterintuitively to the entire point of a sauna, insist on playing games and music on their phones…

This is one of the most useful modern all-in-one gift ideas, because it incorporates a bit of everything that a man needs in order to handle his daily accessories and pocket space. It is a slate, set at an angle with a small collection of trays at the bottom and an assortment of grooves and holes cut into the reclined slate itself. This is to make it easier to empty your pockets, because every slot, every combination, and every groove on it can hold any kind of manly accessory. From phones to wristwatches, from lighters to sunglasses, even dog tags, spare change and wrist cuffs. You won’t be disappointed.

The new standard of design and technology for the Personal Weather Station. Attune your senses, and get new onesWeather and Air Quality monitoring, indoor and outdoor .Measure CO2 concentration and monitor confinement.

All Chinavasion devices with mains power adapters will work in all countries. And Chinavasion offers all mains charger cables in EU plug type, and we provide you a free travel plug adapter for USA, UK, or Australian standards. According to your delivery order address. All our adapters are capable of working in both 110V and 240V regions (auto switching) unless indicated otherwise. We can offer further customization of power adapter and plug types on electronics for bulk wholesale buyers on inquiry.

There are tons of cool gadgets for men out there. Of course, with all of the new technology coming out nowadays — in a seemingly neverending flow of Kickstarters and IndieGoGo campaigns — it can be tough to sort out which gadgets are actually, in fact, cool. We’ve seen some crazy new tech come out recently, and some of these solve a common problem men might have. Of course, some of them are simply just great to look at, but we prefer cool products that actually show innovation and creativity.

This may be the first step on the road to our mecha future, but Furrion’s giant exoskeleton is designed for peace, not war. It’s a racing exoskeleton that’s 14 feet/4.3m tall, 16 feet/4.9m wide and weighs over 3.5 tons (3.2 metric tons). Yet, it can run at speeds up to 21 mph, jump 10 feet in the air and run for two hours on a charge. All with you controlling it with body movements.

Teva’s Ember Moc slippers might have Dad Joke written all over them, but I don’t care. I want some. Teva says they’re like sleeping bags for your feet. Who can resist sleeping bags for your feet?! Not me…

Mophie is one of the biggest after-market smartphone accessory manufacturers for a reason: they offer things like this. Paired with one of their Charge Force equipped cases or when used with a phone built for it, the Powerstation will allow you to wirelessly charge your phone on-the-go. And it has a capacity of 10,000 mAh – a little more than 3 full iPhone 7 charges worth of juice..

All screen, no problem. The iPhone X is Apple’s luxury evolution of its market-leading mobile. These are the stats: 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display, 12MP wide-angle and telephoto camera, Face ID, Qi wireless charging, 4K video recording… the list goes on. You can expect two hours more battery life than the iPhone 8, and its facial recognition camera is extraordinary. Remember to say 10 (not X) when you ask for it in store.

For the person in your life with FOMO, the multi-award-winning FVP-5000T includes the new Freeview Play service, which allows you to record four programmes while you watch a fifth. A new smart search feature pulls in content from diverse sources such as YouTube, plus there are quick-access buttons for recorded shows, Netflix and On Demand. But the best bit? It’s all streamed over Wi-Fi so you can do away with those pesky ethernet cables. What’s not to love?

Ever lay in bed at night with your tablet binge-watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and realize just how uncomfortable it is to have to hold the tablet while you watch? You need a tablet wall mount, and the easiest one to set up is the Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem. It works with virtually all tablets — both iOS and Android devices — and is easily set up in seconds. There are no screws or holes required, as it simply uses damage-free 3M Command adhesive strips for mounting, allowing you to mount it virtually anywhere in your home. Whether you need your tablet in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, the Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock can be placed anywhere. And, it’s cheap enough so that it makes a great gift for her on a budget.

2. Click, whir. Have digital photos left you longing for something more … tangible? The retro-cool Polaroid OneStep 2 lets you shoot — and hold — a photo. This camera fits right in with the growing popularity of Polaroids as an art form: It can use a variety of films for different effects. The OneStep 2 is $99.

One of the oldest problems that everyone faces when traveling is basic cable management. We have a lot of chargers, a lot of spare cables, and a lot of connectors that we end up carrying around with us. This little sorting bag can easily take care of this problem and ensure that cable management is no longer an issue. With a multitude of compartments and pockets, it makes managing cables, connectors and various other gadgets incredibly easy. Not to mention, it has a great design and a nice feel to it, making it a joy to use.

We hope you love products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

We live in a time of input overload. The Sky box, your Blu-ray player, the new Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, streaming off your laptop or Chromecast from your mobile. Caavo fixes the confusion, configuring your eight most-used devices in one universal hub. It streamlines navigation, already works with Alexa (Siri and Google are coming) and doesn’t try to compete for your attention.

​Sling’s parent company Dish just birthed it a sibling for cord cutters and cord nevers who miss local broadcasts that you can only get via a cable or satellite subscription or antenna. AirTV looks like Roku mated with Fisher Price, but you’ll never lose that remote in the couch.

I’m not going to get into the argument about whether or not it’s wise to get behind the wheel after more than a glass of wine but I can still see the point of a gadget that let’s you know where you stand vis-à-vis the long arm of the law.

It has a knife, bottle opener, scissors, Phillips head, flathead screwdriver, nail file, LED light, and a RETRACTABLE BALLPOINT PEN! All in a ridiculously compact form factor. I’m reasonably sure I’ll never have a set of keys without one of these on it ever again. —axj66

Your Netatmo station also indicates the best moment to ventilate. Get relevant info, take appropriate steps Your Netatmo Weather Station helps you decide about your activities.Receive real-time alerts.

protection is very important. To keep our gadget safe we need to cover them. Hence we listed this in top 14 gifts. This Tablet cover will keep small tablets like the iPad mini safe between its covers. It also looks very stylish and keeps the gadget very safe.

It’s a baby monitor. It’s a Amazon Alexa voice-activated smart assistant. It answers your questions, and maybe your kids’ questions, too. It orders more diapers when you run out, and soothes babies back to sleep automatically. It’s the Aristotle, by toymaker Mattel, and it sounds like a new parent’s dream gadget.

In 1968, Porsche unleashed the 908 on the sports car racing world. It would turn out to be the first step in making Porsche the most successful Le Mans manufacturer ever, with 19 overall wins in their trophy case. Having wrecked out of the Spa 1000km as the factory entry, chassis 908-10 was sold and moved to Switzerland where it disappeared for more than 20 years. Brought to the US and now fully restored, this car marks the beginning of more than 40 years of endurance racing dominance by Porsche.

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The computerisation of cars means that there’s a host of information available via the built-in diagnostic ports found on vehicles manufactured in the past 15 years or so. Hardware and software for this can be purchased for as little as £20, and provides access to a wealth of data – engine temperatures, for example – that isn’t shown on your car’s built-in display

The Beast: Beefier than some home speakers, this is the best option for anybody looking to blast tunes for the entire beach. You can toss it right in the sand and it’ll be fine. It’s designed for it. Best of all, it can charge your phone while playing music if it’s plugged into this monster.

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