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There is a huge range of gizmo gadgets with plenty of gifts for geeks and toys for kids. One such example is the flying toys which are one of the hottest gadgets in 2017. These come in all sizes a palm size mini drone that fit in your hand to bigger quad-copters carrying 4K cameras, such as the DJI Phantom. These are able to capture stunning aerial photography. Many of these can synced to your smartphone or iPad and offer immense FVP photography. If drones don’t take your fancy then toy smart robots could be just the ticket. These cool cheap gadgets provide hours of entertainment and make an ideal gift for boys.
Remember Target Practice With Your Friends? Remember when you used to go out into the yard and shoot rocks at cans with your sling shot? You carried it in your back pocket so you were prepared for battle in a quick game created by you and your friends. You had target…
A great choice for households with small children running around, this hot dog slicer features a quirky dachshund shape and a convenient condiment bowl. It cuts hot dogs without any blades, making it safe for little ones who always complain, Why can’t we eat a REAL dog?
PopSockets! They’re these little plastic things you stick on to your phone case, and they pop up and down, which is great to fidget with. It’s really helpful to hold your phone and wrap your earphones around it. —chartreuseq
Big sound in such a small speaker.  Listen to your music practically anywhere thanks to the Bluetooth technology.  Plus, the built-in speakerphone allows you to take calls out loud too!  The battery gives you about 10 hours of continuous listening before having to charge it again so it’ll survive your entire day at the beach.
Amazingly, this nifty little speaker is able to deliver rather impressive sound and quality levels through its relatively small and compact size. It is battery operated, meaning that it can be charged when not used. It’s a great addition to any traveling kit or any setting that involves a lot of cordless and wireless technology. It also works well with the vast majority of smartphones, gadgets, and handhelds. Plus, it even emotes voice alerts/prompts when Bluetooth is pairing up or looking for connections.
Good-looking coffee makers are like unicorns – very hard to find! This elegant Chemex Ottomatic coffee and tea maker delivers top quality brews for people who demand inscrutable style in the kitchen. Note the spray head for even extraction.
Watch the gears turn as this transparent apple peeler cuts the skin from the apple like a knife through butter. A spring-loaded mechanism fits the shapes of apples of any size. And no engineer or mechanic would be able to resist this gadget as a gift.
Elite 18-Quart Roaster Oven with Buffet Server and Electric Knife Every family has the go-to place for time together, which is great until it’s your house. Cook great meals in a variety of ways to appease all the various mouths you know you’ll end up feeding. From whole turkeys to a buffet-style sp
Fancy serving your loved one a hearty breakfast that’s perfect for the royalty? Instead of toiling on different kitchen utensils and cookware, you may want to use the Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker instead. Just imagine being able to toast your buns while also cooking some delicious salami or ham before topping it with perfectly fried sunny side ups, fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and finishing it off with piping hot, crispy half-buns. Not only are you able to cook and assemble all of these in just one device, you also get to make two of these hearty sandwiches at the same time.
Brush teeth, kill monsters, prevent cavities. Wait, go back one. The Magik smart toothbrush uses computer vision technology, motion tracking and your phone’s front-facing camera to power an augmented reality gaming app. Sounds like fun.
The Halova Travel Backpack is the must-have for college basketball and football stars and fans. With a sturdy case, separate charging locations, and many pockets, there is no way that work is going to get lost. And, what happens when something is damaged after it is bought? Don’t worry! It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% refund for three months, and it has the support that many backpacks lack.
These are the earbud version of the really popular Beats By Dre headphones. The headphones provide high-end sound quality, but for women, they are not great because they mess up our hair. They are perfect for women on the go.
We’re back again for the third year in a row with all the techie gadgets your lady friends could hope for. This year, the trend is towards gifts both beautiful and functional and we’ve got a few suggestions you may want to add to your holiday shopping list.
ZENTA is a wearable for your wrist that tracks a number of bodily diagnostics from stress, your heart rate and sleeping patterns but also looks very pretty on your arm. You can get it as a bracelet or a necklace for you or a friend in several colors and gems (the one shown in the picture is in the altruis, rose gold and white combo). The bracelet goes for $195 on Vinaya.
Because now he can track workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and steps. Plus, monitor how long and how well you’ve been sleeping (YES!) and can even receive texts and calls at a glance when you’re on the move. Oh, and did we mention the battery life last for 7 days?!
This is a more retro-style handheld football game that builds on the formula of modern handhelds but with a retro twist. First off, the game is, in fact, “Electronic Football,” the game that was made famous and earned a small cult following in previous generations. However, this time, instead of being a cumbersome arcade-style machine or a very bulky tabletop box, it is a small and compact handheld portable game. It has the same basic and intuitive controls; it still supports one-two player modes and runs on 3 AAA batteries. Easy peasy.
The coolest iPhone 7 (7 Plus and 6) cases we could find.  Check out the retro 80’s music cassette tape, the most realistic football case ever, classic camo, or the hardwood floor case.  Nothing speaks to you?  Design your own!
Kids and adults alike can’t resist an adorable stylized breakfast. These egg molds are made of silicone so they won’t scratch the pan, and the flexibility offers an easy release for a neat form every time. If you know any parents caring for picky eaters, this little tool just might make all the difference. They also work for pancakes!
Sony just introduced the most advanced and powerful camera in the A7 series. The mirrorless Sony Alpha 7 III features a 24.2 MP full-frame BSI CMOS sensor, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, 10 FPS shooting, an autofocus that’s twice as fast as the old model, and an ISO range of 100-204,800. It also shoots 4K video.
Price: $592.95 So we close out our series of ergonomic office items and accessories with the SomaFit Synchro office chair. The guys over at SomaFit sent us this free demo to try out and also broke down some of the important aspects of maintaining good posture and having the right chair when you’re…

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Vous avez quelque chose de prévu en novembre ? Si c’est le cas, il faudra trouver un moment dans votre emploi du temps pour caser le jeu Killing Floor 2. Eh oui, c’est le 18 de ce mois qu’il sera dispo et permettra aux fans du premier volet de ce titre de se faire plaisir. En effet, Deep Silver, Iceberg et Tripwire ont choisi de remettre le couvert avec ce second épisode. On notera au passage des nouveautés comme des microtransactions ainsi que le mode PVP, mais également des Perks. Bref, Killing Floor 2 vous fera passer des moments forts et quelque peu… sanglants. Ne manquez pas cette sortie !
Osterloh wasn’t hired to dream up new products. He was brought in to teach a software company how to endure the long, messy, totally necessary process of building gadgets and to change the company’s culture from the inside. It’s not enough to have great software and the industry’s finest collection of artificial intelligence researchers. To take on Apple, Google had to finally learn how to build good hardware.
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Le site est agréable, coloré et aéré. La vente à la bouteille, ajoutée à une gamme de prix abordable, permet de découvrir les vins de différentes régions sans casser sa tirelire. La livraison n’est pas chère et tient ses engagements, le service client répond rapidement. En affichant les notes des critiques et des clients, même si celles-ci concernent parfois les millésimes précédents, 1jour1vin inspire confiance. Ce site de ventes privées sait se mettre à la portée des internautes, tout en leur offrant des vins de bonne qualité.
Les Bons Plans Du Net est un site qui vous propose des astuces pour gagner de l’argent sur internet ou dans la vie de tous les jours, mais aussi des conseils pour faire des économies au quotidien. C’est un site créé par des particuliers à destination des particuliers. Il n’y a aucun articles sponsorisés, tout ce qui est présenté a été testé. L’équipe est entièrement bénévole et les quelques euros gagnés servent aux différents frais du site. Vous trouverez des bons plans, des réductions sur de nombreux sites marchands, des codes promo, des offres de parrainages, des informations sur les banques en ligne, sur les assurances en ligne, les applications rémunératrices, les paris sportifs…
Si le bouton « Ajouter au panier » est apparent, vous pouvez acheter ce produit en ligne et le récupérer en magasin. Attention de sélectionner le bon magasin et de consulter les stocks du magasin sélectionné, du centre de distribution, ainsi que des magasins avoisinants. Choisissez le mode de livraison ou de ramassage et procédez au paiement.
Mais comment pouvez-vous regarder tout ça gratuitement ? Le secret se cache derrière une loi qu’aucun opérateur de télévision du monde ne veut que vous ne sachiez. Celle-ci spécifie qu’ils doivent fournir, en plus du signal classique, un signal par voie hertzienne. Afin de ne pas enfreindre la loi, tous les opérateurs émettent donc ce signal, mais à une basse fréquence – ainsi, pratiquement aucune antenne n’était capable de le recevoir de façon fiable. Jusqu’à aujourd’hui ! TVFox est sur le point de tout changer.
Il est aussi à noter que cet événement attire beaucoup plus de femmes et de seniors en comparaison à 2017. Pour ce qui est du budget que les consommateurs français ont alloué aux soldes, il y a aussi une hausse, ce qui fait que pour cette année, il s’élève à 216 euros. Maintenant, toujours selon ce rapport, les hommes pourraient éventuellement gonfler cette somme.
Une étude basée sur l’e-commerce mondial a été menée par Pitney Bowes, une société technologique internationale. On y retrouve les opinions des e-marchands ainsi que des consommateurs. Voici ce qu’il en ressort :
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Autre enseignement de cette étude trimestrielle : l’explosion des ventes via les mobiles. L’indice ICM, qui mesure l’évolution des ventes sur l’Internet mobile (smartphones et tablettes), a grimpé de 37% au deuxième trimestre 2017. 
Tout comme son nom l’indique, il est un fan d’un stylo. Vous pouvez choisir entre différentes couleurs, au cas où vous voulez pour coordonner le ventilateur du stylo avec votre robe. Je ne sais pas comment ce serait pratique petit ventilateur, mais quand il fait chaud, vous prenez toutes la brise vous pouvez obtenir. Un stylo à bille typique de l’encre bleue, et ce prend une batterie M5 RIP 1.5V (qui est inclus). Plus d’informations sur Mini Ventilateur Pen.
La Clinique Dr. Boum, artère médicale de la Fondation Drs. Boum, est le fruit arrivé à maturité du Centre Médical Paracelsus de Douala créé en Mars 2003. Inaugurée le 21. Juillet 2012 en présence des autorités gouvernementales camerounaises, diplomatiques (Ambassade de la République Fédérale d´Allemagne) et traditionnelles, elle est située au coeur de la ville de Douala, 61 Rue Boué Lapeyrère – entre Palais Dika Akwa et le Collège Integ, juste à côté de l´hôpital Laquintini.

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Welcome to If you prefer a simplified shopping experience, try the mobile web version of Amazon at The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Stay on for access to all the features of the main Amazon website.
Weather Meter covers up to 3 million cities and towns worldwide, displaying high and low temperatures for the day, “feels like” temperature, humidity, visibility, pressure, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, precipitation, sunrise, sunset, day length, moonrise, moonset, moon phase, and more.
Part of the impetus for Osterloh’s new structure was to make sure nobody felt like their job was tied to one product, so they wouldn’t panic if that product were killed. Because Osterloh needed to kill some products.
Pas exactement le genre de gadgets pour vous garder rafraîchir, comme les autres, mais je peux encore voir le potentiel d’un oreiller froid. Je ne sais pas comment cela fonctionne, pour être honnête. Il contient «minéral naturel aux propriétés de refroidissement qui devrait rester calme quand retour assis sur elle. Il pourrait être la peine d’essayer dans ces longues journées lorsque vous essayez de faire un bureau de délai. Plus d’informations sur le coussin du siège d’auto de refroidissement.
As he takes the stage, clearly more confident than a year ago, Osterloh starts with another overview. He reminds the audience of the 2016 launch and mentions the recent HTC acquisition. “By working more closely together, we’ll be able to better integrate Google hardware and software,” he says. “And our products,” he continues, with a smile expressing something between joy, relief, and aggression, “have built up a lot of momentum going into our second year.” Then he throws to one of Google’s trademark sizzle reel videos, with everyone from YouTubers to Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy loving their Google Homes and Pixels.
À partir du moment où tous vos produits sont prêts pour un ramassage en magasin, vous devez passer au magasin sélectionné durant les 7 jours suivants. Après ce délai, la commande sera annulée, et vous serez remboursé.
Updated a bunch of gadgets. Removed intrusive window that appeared after major Windows Update. Glassy Network Monitor now scales the graph according to the maximum visible value. 8GadgetPack no longer overwrites Win+G per default. If you want to keep using Win+G for gadgets, go to 8GadgetPack Tools and reenable it there. Or use Win+Shift+G.
We have gadgets to suit all types of situations whether you are On The Go or chilling out At Home! How about creating your very own Karaoke night or playing guess the tune with the amazing ROXI Music Box! Or why not create your own in house cinema with the Smart Phone Projector accompanied by your very own homemade Popcorn!
Un site comme son nom l’indique qui est dédié aux loisirs et voyages sous la forme d’enchères, un bon plan pour vos sorties et vacances de dernière minute donc, d’autant que l’avantage du site est que chaque enchère indique le prix de vente dans le commerce traditionnel donc pas de risque de payer plus cher une prestation que son prix commercial.
Le ministère des Services aux consommateurs aide à éduquer, à protéger et à servir les consommateurs de l’Ontario en faisant en sorte que le marché soit juste, sécuritaire et bien informé. Son site Web offre de l’information et des conseils pratiques sur l’achat en ligne.
“Eventually, it will be the case that users probably have a constellation of devices to get things done,” Osterloh says. Google’s definitely thinking about tablets, definitely thinking about augmented-reality glasses, definitely thinking about wearables, and many more. But Osterloh speaks of “earning the right” to chase the buyers of those devices, of wanting to prove his team’s viability in existing markets.
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Je suis actuellement aux Philippines ou a mon grand étonnement, et par hasard j’ai pu constater que les prix étaient au RV sur des accessoires qui n’étaient même pas disponibles en Malaisie, alors que j’aurai bien juré l’inverse !
Ainsi, si on prend l’exemple d’un mobinaute qui souhaite se procurer un logo pour customiser son mobile, eh bien, il peut passer par le SMS+ pour parvenir à ses fins rapidement. Comment procéder ? La première étape consiste à s’inscrire auprès d’un opérateur téléphonique.
Merci pour cette comparaison. Il faudrait étudier le tout nouveau: Il s’agit en fait d’un réseau social qui regroupe les consommateurs pour tout négocier! A la différence de tous les autres qui ne vous proposent des deals que dans 3 ou 4 catégories de produits/services, Negotiative vous invite à choisir les catégories de produits & services que vous voulez négocier (plus d’une centaine de catégories), et il s’occupe du reste: simple, rapide et efficace! C’est la meilleure machine à négocier du monde! Vous pouvez ainsi réduire vos factures (énergie,essence, assurance,etc…), acheter la voiture de vos rêve moins cher, un crédit moins cher, vos frais bancaire moins chers, etc…
Vous pouvez régler vos achats en ligne (incluant les achats cartes-cadeaux) par carte de crédit en entrant le nom du détenteur de la carte et l’adresse qui figure sur le relevé de compte dans le processus d’achat en ligne. Le paiement complet par carte de crédit au moment de l’achat est la seule méthode de paiement permettant de faire des achats en ligne sur le présent site web. Les cartes de crédit VISA et MasterCard émises par des banques canadiennes ainsi que les cartes RONAvantages, RONA VISA Desjardins et RONA Commerciale sont acceptées.
C’est un nouveau record que vient de réaliser le commerce sur Internet en 2016. Selon le rapport annuel de la Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance (Fevad), les ventes en France ont progressé de près de 15% en un an pour atteindre un chiffre d’affaires de 72 milliards d’euros.

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With the advancements in the field of technology the list of gadgets available has become ever increasing and never ending. Gadgets 360 online shop offers wide variety of gadgets to choose from, following are some of the most popular categories
Nous avons placé un ordre d’achat en vente à prix fixe sur une bouteille de chinon 2012 de Philippe Alliet, à 11 euros. Lot livré en coffret polystyrène un mois plus tard (8,25 euros de frais de port).
Pour acheter tous ses articles sur internet, voici le TOP 10 des meilleures boutiques et magasins en ligne françaises proposant tout ce que vous souhaitez acheter pour tous les aspects quotidiens de la vie. Les différentes boutiques présentées vous proposent des millions de produits en stock dans toutes les catégories : vêtement et habit, informatique, électro-ménager, articles pour enfants, alimentation, produits numériques, etc. De nombreuses boutiques proposent même des facilités de paiements par carte bleue pour vous faciliter l’achat et la gestion de votre budget mensuel.
Seule la Fnac diffuse des tests réalisés chaque année par son laboratoire intégré. Les clients y puisent des informations sur les nouveautés et ont  accès à un classement des matériels. Depuis 2009, la consultation des dossiers s’effectue en mode feuilletage ou en format PDF, et ils peuvent s’imprimer. Désormais, deux dossiers seront consacrés aux appareils photo (reflex et compacts), fer de lance du distributeur. L’indépendance des tests, selon ­Pascal ­Petitpas, directeur du laboratoire Fnac, est garantie par le fait que “la marque distributeur [Höher, ndlr] ne recueille pas obligatoirement les meilleures notes ; les fabricants respectent la qualité des tests, dont ils reçoivent le résultat”. Pourtant, en magasin, vous avez sûrement eu affaire à des vendeurs dubitatifs – ce n’est rien de le dire ! –, levant les yeux au ciel quand vous leur présentez un des graphiques en toile d’araignée publiés dans les brochures. Certains vous suggèrent gentiment de vérifier les évaluations dans d’autres médias. Le fait est que rien ne vaut les conseils des journaux et des sites indépendants, de préférence spécialisés, mais ceux-ci ne livrent pas toujours gratuitement leurs informations.
There’s plenty of reason to rush. Apple and Samsung continue to push new competitive software onto their hardware, and new classes of devices are getting better all the time. Yet Osterloh notes time and again (and maybe partly as a reminder to himself) that building hardware is a slow process, that that’s a good thing, and that patience is a virtue. This moment is his chance to prove a career-long thesis about putting hardware and software together, and he wants to get it right. “There’s something big at stake here, both for him and the company,” says Ivy Ross, Google’s head of hardware design and one of Osterloh’s key lieutenants. “When you personally have a reason to drive, you’re just that much better.”
De même, combien de temps les éditeurs vont continuer à leur vendre des jeux. La multitude de vendeurs à prix discount aux USA va finir par nuire au système de P500 : à quoi bon précommander, si on peut acheter un jeu moins cher dès sa sortie. J’ai déjà eu des échos d’éditeurs qui se posaient cette question.
Un site basé en Italie qui référence de nombreuses marques de luxe italiennes comme Missoni, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Fendi mais aussi internationales Elie Saab, Vionnet ou Mary Katranzou. On conseille de jeter un coup œil sur l’onglet permanent « Sale » car 40% ou 50% sur une gadgets used in jeannie aur juju de designer ce n’est pas rien, non ?
Vous cherchez un job d’appoint ou un travail stable CDD ou en CDI dans votre domaine d’activité ? Notre Top des sites d’offre d’emploi vous aidera à trouver les bons sites pour dénicher le travail qui vous conviendra le mieux et ceci dans n’importe quel secteur d’activité. Que ce soit des sites d’annonces d’emploi ou des sites de dépôts de CV. Venez les découvrir !
Se distinguent ensuite les sites de ventes privées tels Vente-privée, Vente-à-la-propriété, ou 1jour1vin. Ils remportent un vif succès grâce à la simplicité de leur offre et à des prix négociés en amont auprès du producteur. Ces sites n’ont pas de stock : ils réservent à l’avance des lots de vins chez le propriétaire. Le client commande. Les bouteilles vendues sont alors reconditionnées dans un entrepôt puis envoyées au client.  
J’ai du mal à me rendre compte par rapport aux autres pays que j’ai visité, j’ai l’image de Hong Kong comme étant une référence en matière d’électronique et d’informatique mais quelques fois on s’imagine mal, la preuve pour la Malaisie par rapport à la thaïlande ce que je pensais était faux.
Cleaned up the 8Gadgetpack Tools. Fixed a bug that caused gadgets to appear multiple times in startup tab of taskmanager. Also fixed a bug that caused not to load all gadgets on startup. And another bug that caused library errors and errors involving d3d9.dll was fixed (this bug was my fault for a change, and not Microsofts). Added skin support in Clipboarder and fixed a bug that prevented it to open clipboards in Modern App Programs. Added a few gadgets and updated the outdated ones.
Merci de votre commentaire, en effet je suis un peu comme vous déçu par ce qu’est devenu eBay. D’où l’idée de trouver des alternatives, j’espère que vous trouverez votre bonheur parmi notre sélection.
La boutique en ligne montréalaise est spécialisée dans les jeans en denim japonais, considéré comme le meilleur denim au monde par les experts du fait des techniques ancestrales qui lui sont rattachées. TATE + YOKO recherche la qualité avant tout, en proposant des marques qui basent leur savoir-faire sur leurs artisans et non sur la production de masse, notamment la griffe montréalaise Naked & Famous. Tous les vêtements sont faits au Japon, au Canada ou aux États-Unis.
Les options supplémentaires payantes incluses par défaut (également appelées « opt-out ») sont interdites. Par exemple, une « assurance annulation » ne doit pas être pré-cochée dans votre panier d’achat d’un billet de spectacle.
En plus de leur sélection mode et beauté de feu, on se rend sur le site d’Urban Outfitters pour s’acheter le vinyle de l’heure et pour mettre la main sur un polaroid afin de prendre des souvenirs de notre party de Noël.
Un cadeau rigolo pour un anniversaire, un mariage ou un enterrement de vie de jeune fille Pour élire la reine de la soirée, il vous faut cette Echarpe de Miss à personnaliser. La bonne idée cadeau pour écrire un message rigolo qui amusera les invités.
Discover an ever-expanding selection of the latest and coolest tech & gadgets to boggle the mind and amuse technically-inquisitive humans. Smart home, portable chargers or the latest and greatest phone accessories – whatever your gadget fetish, we cater for it in abundance.
Ce refroidisseur d’air ne est pas porté ou transporté, mais il est encore tout à fait portable. Ce petit gadget est un fan de batterie qui souffle de l’air brouillard humide dans le même temps pour un effet de refroidissement délicate. Un verre d’eau vous gardera au frais pendant des heures. Même une fois que l’eau se écoule, ce est toujours un petit ventilateur sur place pour prendre avec vous. Il faut quatre piles C Plus d’informations sur Kool Bas Air Cooler.
The Identity protection sometimes blocks this software without even notifying. You can verify that 8GadgetPack doesn’t contain any viruses on VirusTotal and then follow these steps to add an exception for 8GadgetPack:
Vous avez enfin trouvé le produit qu’il vous fallait au meilleur prix? Attendez encore un petit peu avant de sortir la carte bleue! Il existe un autre moyen de récupérer de l’argent sur vos achats en ligne, ca s’appelle le cashback. Son principe est assez simple. Quand vous effectuez vos achats en magasin, vous avez une carte de fidélité n’est pas? Vous la présentez à la caissière et si vous avez bien géré vos courses vous pouvez récupérer un peu d’argent sur votre carte. Et bien là c’est quasiment pareil, la différence est que les rôles ont changé. Ici les magasins sont les sites internet marchands, et votre carte de fidélité est le site de cashback.

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Let’s be honest, what’s worse than slow Wi-Fi?  Probably no Wi-Fi.  Well, there are probably things worse, but you get the point. If you’re loing to stream movies on or are a gamer (or are an amateur video game player) you need a strong, fast, and reliable wireless router.  There’s a ton out there and, let’s face […]
The world’s most powerful games console is entering its new chapter. It may look a little like a Playstation, but the Xbox One X outdoes Sony’s PS4 Pro on almost every level. Under the hood, the One X is running an 8-core 2.3Ghz processor, 12GB DDR5 RAM (shared between GPU and CPU) and 6TFLOPS graphical horsepower (compared to PS4 Pro’s 4.12). Backward compatibility means you can choose from over 300 existing Xbox titles, and the console supports UHD Blu-rays and Dolby Atmos.
Flying a drone is a hobby that has grown in popularity over the years, and many uses have been found for these little marvels of engineering. This drone, on the other hand, manages to be a more versatile alternative to the ones currently on the market. In fact, it can fulfill multiple roles without any issue. The drone comes with an HD camera, which can take high-quality pictures at high altitudes, as well as shoot video scenes in places and at angles that regular cameras simply cannot reach. If the camera is taken off of the drone, it can then take on activities that are of a bit more leisurely nature, such as racing, aeronautical stunts, and even general flying just for fun.
Because stuffing those stockings doesn’t have to always be a super last minute thing. In a panic over the stocking stuffer chore?  De-stress and quickly and easily shop our top rated stocking stuffer ideas for men, women, and children this 2018 holiday season.  Some of these ideas are so cool you’ll probably want to pick some up […]
This video shows the top five crazy and cool gadgets for your home! Get ready for some strange, but nonetheless cool gadgets, that you have never seen before. This is some innovative home innovatio…
Welcome to Way Cool Gadgets! We are a website that’s dedicated to bringing you the most ridiculously awesome gadgets from around the internet that you’ve ever seen. We have ransacked the web looking far and wide for downright cool gadgets that we think everybody should know about. Some of these gadgets are extremely clever, some are ideal for geeks and some are just downright weird. One thing that they all have in common though is that they’re all incredibly unique and it’s unlikely that you’ll find them anywhere else. We’ve divided all of the gizmos that we feature on the site into several categories ranging from ‘Novelty’ to ‘Cheap’. You can find gadgets of any type by choosing a specific category from the menu above. Don’t forget to connect with us on your favorite social media website so that we can let you know about new and exciting gadgets as we add them to the site. You can follow us on either Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (or all three!). By doing so you’ll be the first to find out when we add cool new gadgets to the website. We’re constantly adding new and interesting stuff so make sure that you check back regularly!
This is the world’s smallest violin, and I’m gonna play it just for you…whiners! So many whiners! At work. On the road. At the checkout line. In my inbox. And the biggest one of all: right there in my bathroom mirror…
A light, (comes in 9 bright colors!) bluetooth tracking device that comes equipped with an LED light.  Attach it to your phone, remote, keys, bags, etc…and easily keep track of your items by activating TrackR via your smartphone. Grab a single device, or a 3-pack, here and a 5 pack here!
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If you drink more wine than you do water, you know how difficult opening a bottle of wine can be, especially if you don’t want to get any of the cork in the wine. The Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener makes opening wine bottles as simple as pushing a button. It also comes with a foil cutter which helps cut the foil evenly for a good pour. So, you simply use the cutter to cut the foil, place the electric opener over the cork, press the down button, and you’re wine bottle is opened, without a broken cork (which also means you can re-cork the wine when you’re done with it).
One of the smallest and leat expensive smartphones on the market comes in a variety of colors. Del Conte says anyone who has a Palm Treo will love this phone because it is basically a mini version of the Treo, but less clunky. It has a touchscreen and a keyboard, and offers features such as email, messaging, Web browsing, and basically any of the features we expect out of smartphones. It is also just very affordable for a smartphone.
Toto’s marble-covered bathtub has lots of integrated tech — but what separates it from the rest is its ability to simulate the feeling of floating in space. A series of integrated jets lift your feet off the floor of the tub and the surrounding LED lights add the perfect interstellar ambiance.
If you are a retailer or drop shipper of electronic gadgets, you may need to consider selecting good titles and description keywords to attract customers. Remember people may be searching for gadget and gift keywords as well as specific product names. Don’t be afraid of adding titles and keywords that match the bargain shoppers. Although we suggest that you point out the reliable quality of Chinavasion products.
Bellabeat makes the best smart jewelry I’ve ever tried. The leaf-shaped body is made out of recycled wood composite that looks like stone. It’s encased in a metal clip that looks like the abstract veins of a leaf. You can choose between silver or rose gold to match your lady’s style. The original Leaf Nature is also a gorgeous option if you prefer real wood and a more traditional leaf look.
The lady in your life will definitely appreciate any one of these Gadgets for Women! If you know a super woman who manages to do it all without breaking a sweat, show her you care by giving her an awesome gadget. Every girl on the go needs a cool piece of technology that will simplify her life. Women who love travel would really like our Digital Luggage Scale or Heated Car Seat Back Massager.
42. Onion Holder ($5): There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to slice an onion into perfect rings. It’s slippery, the outer ring starts to separate from the rest — no bueno. This thing holds your onion in place for uniform slicing and less crying (in more ways than one!).
As with many wearable devices that focus on safety, Safelet was designed with speed and convenience in mind. The bracelet has two buttons on the side that users can press to send a message to contact within a Guardian Network. If the situation is one of high danger, friends and family members who see the alert can automatically call an emergency number like 911 from within the app. The smart bracelet also syncs with the user’s mobile phone to start recording audio.
This is one of the most useful modern all-in-one gift ideas, because it incorporates a bit of everything that a man needs in order to handle his daily accessories and pocket space. It is a slate, set at an angle with a small collection of trays at the bottom and an assortment of grooves and holes cut into the reclined slate itself. This is to make it easier to empty your pockets, because every slot, every combination, and every groove on it can hold any kind of manly accessory. From phones to wristwatches, from lighters to sunglasses, even dog tags, spare change and wrist cuffs. You won’t be disappointed.
13. Condiment Gun ($16): This one’s perfect for food fights (kidding, but not really). Make your mustard and ketchup squirting more enjoyable with this condiment gun — but don’t let the fun stop there. You can also fill it with BBQ sauce, spicy mayo or honey mustard.
Google Glass is gone. Into the void steps Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, hitching a ride aboard the Vuzix Blade smart glasses. Vuzix has embedded a camera, microphone and side-mounted touchpad in this chunky but pretty normal-looking pair of sunglasses, which takes phone calls and puts Alexa’s giant brain between your ears. 
In the past, we used to get around on our two legs most of the time, but when mobility devices such as the bicycle became commonplace, that was all the rage. Of course, over the years, there were skateboards and in-line skates that made it easier to cover the distance without breaking out too much of a sweat. WHILL decided to take a look at the personal mobility device category and introduce what it thinks could be a game-changer: the Model Ci. This is touted to be a life-changing assistive personal mobility device which empowers confidence, and it will also feature IoT integration in order to deliver premium customer care.
If you have the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy Note 5 or even higher versions of the smartphone, you can say goodbye to cumbersome wired charging and say hello to a revolutionary new way of powering up your high end Samsung and LG devices. The Pleson PLS-WR-C400 is a splendid piece of charging equipment that employs dual charging coils that effectively powers up your devices up to 1.4 times faster than conventional charging. The Pleson features a safety temperature control technology which helps protect the integrity of your device’s temperature-sensitive circuitry. The design is also made especially for non-obstructive charging.
The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse is the best mouse on the market, and I don’t mean just PC gaming mouse. Not only does it have a great weight to it, a cool-looking design, and an LED light that can be set to whatever color you’d like (or cycled through all of the colors), but it is ergonomically pleasing to boot. It runs on a charge (that lasts for 30 hours on a single charge), and it can be used while charging. Best of all, it’s incredibly responsive, with up to a 12,000 DPI (that you can adjust with just the click of a button ON THE FLY). This is especially great if you’re playing a shooter or something else that would benefit from changing the mouse sensitivity on the go. I’ve never been so impressed with a computer mouse in my entire life, and I’ve gone through quite a few of them in my day. If you’re looking to upgrade your workstation, I enthusiastically recommend the G900.
Chinavasion Wholesale electronics shop only supplies the best devices. Each product and accompanying accessories such as cables and chargers must pass our stringent in-house quality control. We aim to offer the cheapest prices and offer global shipping options. all the items on this page come with our 12-month guarantee.
Some men don’t like a really clean, close shave. For them, having very fine stubbles of facial hair can help preserve the manliness of their look. However, using conventional shavers simply won’t cut it. What is needed is the Philips Norelco OneBlade Beard Trimmer. This is a full hybrid system that works to cut and trim facial hairs up to a certain length to give you the kind of manly, rugged appearance that you’re after. It comes with a dual-sided OneBlade blade that allows for easier styling and very precise edging. What’s more, the blade is actually good for 4 months before you start replacing it.
Your Victims Wont Stand A Chance It’s time for an all out neighborhood water balloon war. The one way that you can make sure you take down your enemies is to have enough ammo. The only problem? It can take forever to fill enough water balloons to fight your foes. By…
Sometimes we couldn’t be any grateful for technology and, well, this is one of those times.  We never take for granted how cool and convenient it is to be able to listen to our music from our phone to our wireless bluetooth speaker.  There are a ton of options out there and it can […]
Hey, guess what? It’s summertime! It’s time to be outdoors! And one of the cool gadgets that are necessary for the outdoorsy type of man is the Divoom Voombox Portable Wireless Speaker. The speaker connects to your devices effortlessly through Bluetooth, and the quality is absolutely astonishing. The Voombox blows many of the other wireless speakers out of the water when it comes to audio quality, especially the Westinghouse Unplug speaker that I’ve been recommending to everyone. The Voombox has a lot of boom for your buck, is water resistant, and is an especially great summer gadget for impromptu jam sessions, beach days, while you’re working on the car in the garage, or deck parties.
Tired of all the effort that goes frying bacon on the stove? This clever creation allows you to cook your bacon in the microwave, while removing some of the fat that accompanies the consumption of this delicious breakfast food.
The Halova Travel Backpack is the must-have for college basketball and football stars and fans. With a sturdy case, separate charging locations, and many pockets, there is no way that work is going to get lost. And, what happens when something is damaged after it is bought? Don’t worry! It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% refund for three months, and it has the support that many backpacks lack.
This monstrous blender will obliterate anything in its path — and that includes ice. Its nine cup capacity means you can make smoothies for the entire family. The powerful 1000 watt motor will turn anything you put into it into mush in a matter of seconds. The lid features a safety mechanism that will stop the blades from spinning until it is fully fastened.
19. Cast Iron Bacon Press ($15): Aside from the oil splatter, the worst part about making bacon in a frying pan is that it curls up, making it harder to cook evenly. This heavy press will flatten your breakfast meat. Plus, you can also use it to make paninis.
Discover an ever-expanding selection of the latest and coolest tech & gadgets to boggle the mind and amuse technically-inquisitive humans. Smart home, portable chargers or the latest and greatest phone accessories – whatever your gadget fetish, we cater for it in abundance.

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Smacircle, based in Shenzhen, China, claims it’s built the world’s most compact and lightweight foldable eBike. Weighing in at roughly 15 pounds (6.8 kg), the bike can be folded into a small backpack and locked using your phone.
Buy from Smart & Final via Instacart and get $5 and FREE delivery on your first order using the code SMART. Instacart delivery is only available in limited areas, so check if its available in your area here.
This Returns and Exchanges Policy applies to all purchases made through the website, the Forever 21 mobile applications, and any other website or application that directs you to this Returns and Exchanges Policy (collectively, the “Site”).
Gadgets are no longer available on our website because the Windows Sidebar platform in Windows 7 and Windows Vista has serious vulnerabilities. Microsoft has retired the feature in newer releases of Windows. Gadgets could be exploited to harm your computer, access your computer’s files, show you objectionable content, or change their behavior at any time. An attacker could gadgets that rad techs use use a gadget to take complete control of your PC. If you’re concerned about the safety of gadgets you’ve downloaded, find out more about gadgets and steps you can take to protect your PC.
Thanks for sharing these important sites. According to my flipkart is the best sites for online shopping. I also want to suggest some other online shopping sites in India which provides branded clothes and accessories for men, women and kids.
Cons: Online stores advertising free products will sometimes increase the cost of shipping so that they profit from the purchase. For example, shoppers may get three free software programs, but paying $14.95 in shipping or handling charges is higher than what would normally be charged and likely covers the cost of the three items plus shipping.
A first in online retail, Moda Operandi operates an online trunk-show concept in which you are able to make orders direct from the unedited collections of designers such as Zac Posen and Marchesa months before they go on general sale.
Styles For Less has many store locations, but doing your online shopping from the website is the easiest option. It sells women’s clothing, footwear and more. There are tons of amazing deals and sales, as well as several clothing options. I don’t think many college students know about this website, so you should definitely check it out when you’re online shopping!
English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich was a pioneer of online shopping in 1979. His system connected a modified domestic TV to a real-time transaction processing computer via a domestic telephone line. He believed that videotex, the modified domestic TV technology with a simple menu-driven human–computer interface, was a ‘new, universally applicable, participative communication medium — the first since the invention of the telephone.’ This enabled ‘closed’ corporate information systems to be opened to ‘outside’ correspondents not just for transaction processing but also for e-messaging and information retrieval and dissemination, later known as e-business.[6] His definition of the new mass communications medium as ‘participative’ [interactive, many-to-many] was fundamentally different from the traditional definitions of mass communication and mass media and a precursor to the social networking on the Internet 25 years later. In March 1980 he launched Redifon’s Office Revolution, which allowed consumers, customers, agents, distributors, suppliers and service companies to be connected on-line to the corporate systems and allow business transactions to be completed electronically in real-time.[7] During the 1980s[8] he designed, manufactured, sold, installed, maintained and supported many online shopping systems, using videotex technology.[9] These systems which also provided voice response and handprint processing pre-date the Internet and the World Wide Web, the IBM PC, and Microsoft MS-DOS, and were installed mainly in the UK by large corporations.
Today’s smartphones pack a ton of computing power into a small package, allowing you to send emails, share photos, and even work on your upcoming presentation while you’re on the go. eBay sellers offer a variety of cellphones and accessories, including unlocked and carrier phones like the Apple iPhone, and cellphone cases and covers, including cases for the Samsung Galaxy line.
I’m used to indulge in viewing products through a chain of related products and so on but whenever I try to go backward, the app takes me all the way to the home page.. that’s frustrating… plz fix it! I need to keep my path of viewing backwardable is that makes sense 🙄
Most of these websites just dump the products on the portal. I have shopped from almost all of them . Nowadays in love with sites offering limited, good quality products like koovs, Ajio etc. Eagerly waiting for Zara to come online.
Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC gaming laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 processor launched at Rs 1,34,990PCsAsus Republic of Gamers (ROG) has launched the world’s first gaming laptop powered by the eight-core processor AMD Ryzen in India. Dubbed Strix GL702ZC, the gaming laptop comes with a price tag of Rs 1,34,990 and will go on pre-order on Flipkart starting March 20.
Some of these, like Sony’s Walkman, were the first of their kind. Others, such as the iPod, propelled an existing idea into the mainstream. Some were unsuccessful commercially, but influential nonetheless. And a few represent exciting but unproven new concepts (looking at you Oculus Rift).
Designers of online shops are concerned with the effects of information load. Information load is a product of the spatial and temporal arrangements of stimuli in the web store.[26] Compared with conventional retail shopping, the information environment of virtual shopping is enhanced by providing additional product information such as comparative products and services, as well as various alternatives and attributes of each alternative, etc.[27] Two major dimensions of information load are complexity and novelty.[28] Complexity refers to the number of different elements or features of a site, often the result of increased information diversity. Novelty involves the unexpected, suppressed, new, or unfamiliar aspects of the site. The novelty dimension may keep consumers exploring a shopping site, whereas the complexity dimension may induce impulse purchases.[27]
They were little electronic things that did stuff for you. They would play music or record videos or give you directions or let you play games on the go. They were fun. Everyone had them. Everyone wanted them. There were whole magazines and websites and even TV shows devoted to them.
I don’t like the Icky Stick just because I get a kick out of its branding schtick. I mean, that’s the biggest reason, but so too am I interested in this hand pipe’s claim that it has been specially designed to provide…
Then things got even worse. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Thing That Does Everything emerged from Cupertino, Calif. That was almost 10 years ago now. You know what I’m talking about: the iPhone. We knew the Thing was going to be big, but we didn’t know it would be this big. When the Thing threatened to eat up all the gadgets, nobody thought it would really happen. We still had hope that some gadgets would stick around.
Developed by the “godfather of the iPod,” Tony Fadell, the Nest Learning Thermostat was the first smart home device to capture mass market interest following its launch in 2011. Pairing the iconic round shape of classic thermostats with a full-color display and Apple-like software, the Nest features considerable processing power. (For instance, its ability to use machine learning to detect and predict usage patterns for heating and cooling a home.) As interesting as the device itself is, the Nest thermostat really turned heads in 2014 when the company behind it was bought by Google for $3.2 billion. The search engine giant turned the device into the center of its smart home strategy with hopes of ushering in an age of interconnected devices that will make everyday living more efficient.
So in anticipation of all the last-minute scrambling (what in the world do you get the stylish men and women in your life?), we put together a list of the top 10 online shopping sites you must visit if you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas.
COS: H&M-owned COS (an acronym for collection of style) launched in the US a few years ago with an online shop and several brick-and-mortar spots, accelerating the heartbeats of art directors, gallery owners, and conceptual architects across the nation. The aesthetic is minimal but forward-thinking in fabrics that last and at prices that aren’t astronomical.
Having worked in the fashion industry for 10 years for brands like Topshop, Marks and Spencer and Levi Strauss, founder Stella knows her stuff. Teeming with one-off gems from designers all over the globe the website sells everything from clothing to jewellery and even has its own blog. 

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The Perfect Bake’s step-by-step in-app guides mean no more measuring or counting. Just use the included bowl and start adding ingredients to the connected scale, then the app will tell you when to stop.
This high tech Egg Minder will sync with your smartphone so that with a click of a button, you can know how many eggs are in your fridge, which eggs are the oldest, and more. It’s Facebook… for eggs!
All screen, no problem. The iPhone X is Apple’s luxury evolution of its market-leading mobile. These are the stats: 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display, 12MP wide-angle and telephoto camera, Face ID, Qi wireless charging, 4K video recording… the list goes on. You can expect two hours more battery life than the iPhone 8, and its facial recognition camera is extraordinary. Remember to say 10 (not X) when you ask for it in store.
It’s time to give your iPhone a break, because MP3 players still have a place in this world.  Not only are most budget friendly – they’re also ultra portable and lightweight.  Some have bluetooth capability, while others are wearable and waterproof.  In short?  They get the job done.  Whether you’re in it to listen to audiobos, […]
Gather up all of your scented candles and oils and throw them in the garbage. Feel better? If not, you may be interested in Moodo’s Wi-Fi-connected, Alexa-supported scent machine that can make your home smell like an ashram spa or beach party. 
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From 4k to Ultra High definition, TVs keep getting better and better. And if you are in the market for a new one it is definitely worth the money spend a little extra for a 4k UHD Smart TV.   The quality is insane and the built in wifi will change the way you watch […]
If you’re constantly losing things, the Trackr Stickr is for you. This bit of new technology is a small gadget that attaches to whatever you typically use (like your wallet or your keys) and connects via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to locate the item with the simple press of a button. When you’re in the app, all you have to do is tap the “Sound Alarm” button, and the Trackr Stickr will beep, allowing you to find it quickly. You’re also able to locate the item on a map if you’re not close enough to it to actually hear it. I threw one on my TV remote control because my children are always running off with it and putting it in a toy box or cabinet somewhere. Not only can I track the remote, but I can also press the Trackr Stickr button on my remote to find my cell phone if I lose that, even if it is on silent!
Now, your gift recipient will never have another excuse for sleeping past the alarm clock. With the smart LED Bluetooth multicolored changing light system, you can control the color and the sound for that morning alarm. The low-watt light bulb acts as a real light, but offers sound and changing color options as well. It is truly customizable. On the other hand, you can download the app yourself and change the music to something a little less enjoyable for him and make sure your gift recipient gets out of bed quickly.
Those who are always working out and would like to keep track of the various metrics through the entire fitness regime would definitely have a heart rate monitor of sorts. Well, with the world moving towards integration of functionality in many aspects, Sweetzpot decided to work on the FLOW, a wearable fitness device that will bring together a breathing sensor as well as a heart rate monitor. FLOW arrives in the form of a comfortable chest band with the claim that it can help improve athletic stamina as well as performance.
Who doesn’t want to go a little retro from time to time?  In a sea of digital cameras out there where all your pictures live on (forever…thanks ‘Cloud!’) it’s a nice change of pace to bring it back to the good-old-days and take some pictures with an instant camera.  Today many of these cameras give […]
This incredibly sensitive coffee scale for iOS and Android will help serious coffee nerds keep track of ratios and weight throughout the brewing process. Monitor flow rates, track times with the stopwatch, and work your way toward a consistent cup every time.
If you’re a frequent tablet user or you wish you could get some work done using just your smartphone, you might want to consider picking up a bluetooth keyboard. And, the best bluetooth keyboard on the market is the iClever Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. It is uniquely broken up into three sections, allowing it to be folded up and stored away into one smaller section. This makes it perfect for the traveling businessman. Instead of having to lug around your laptop and your tablet (which you would likely be doing anytime you go out of time), you can just take your tablet and this small keyboard. I’ll also note that, as far as bluetooth keyboards are concerned, it’s one of the sturdiest and strongest builds I’ve come across; it’s not flimsy nor does it feel cheap. It has a 10m operating range, too, so you can hook your tablet up to your TV if you’d like and sit back on the couch.
A doorbell? On the tech gift list? What kind of a present is that? Ah, but it’s much more than just a doorbell. Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro is also an HD, night vision-equipped monitoring device. Get an alert when someone presses the button or comes into the field of view, hold a conversation with two-way communication, and leave your home safe in the knowledge that all footage of visitors will be recorded to the cloud for review.
Most lovable gadget is watches. It’s far less pricey than an Apple Watch, always displays the time, and delivers notifications on an easy-to-read e-paper display. It is also consider as one of the best gadget for women that you can gift them.
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A very smart luggage carrier. The Raden A22 is a carry-on that is build with a proximity sensor, weighs itself, is superstrong, waterproof, and can charge a phone four times over. So every one want to use whenever they go out  stations it is very useful. This super looking carry bag is one of the most stylish gadgets for women that you can gift them.
19. Cast Iron Bacon Press ($15): Aside from the oil splatter, the worst part about making bacon in a frying pan is that it curls up, making it harder to cook evenly. This heavy press will flatten your breakfast meat. Plus, you can also use it to make paninis.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the greatest sci-fi film ever made, Space Odyssey is the inside account of how director Stanley Kubrick and writer Arthur C. Clarke created the cinematic masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. Through extensive interviews with Clarke, Kubrick’s widow, visual effects supervisor Doug Trumbull, and others, author Michael Benson explores and explains how movie magic was made.
With the holiday season upon us, everyone may want to make a few upgrades. Perhaps new phones and tablets. The good news is you don’t have to load up your outlets with multiple devices. No more arguing over who unplugged whose charger because their phone is more important. This simple design of the Avantree charging station consists of 4 USB ports, and it charges twice as fast. Plus, it’s backed by a 2-year warranty.
The season of giving is coming, and the forecast is a whirlwind of invitations, cookies, and eggnog. There’s so much good cheer out there, but it’s missing from the one place you really need to go: the mall. Save yourself the trouble and shop at home (preferably with the aforementioned treats).
What’s more portable than your iPhone, more addictive than Facebook, and packed with more nostalgia-inducing goodness than Netflix’s Stranger Things? The PocketSprite, of course — the retro gaming device that fits on your keychain. Its small stature means you can take it anywhere you go, for gaming goodness on your commute or during a quick coffee break at work, but the convenient design extends to the software as well: the open-source architecture makes it easy for you to upload your favorite Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear and Sega Master System games. Add to that a reasonable price tag and great battery life, and you have the perfect gift — for your friends or for your inner child.
The lady in your life will definitely appreciate any one of these Gadgets for Women! If you know a super woman who manages to do it all without breaking a sweat, show her you care by giving her an awesome gadget. Every girl on the go needs a cool piece of technology that will simplify her life. Women who love travel would really like our Digital Luggage Scale or Heated Car Seat Back Massager.
When your creativity has dried up or the conference call is dragging on, the hypnotic effects of the Vortecon kinetic desk toy are a welcome distraction. Precision milled from stainless, brass, or copper, the Vortecon simply spins on its rotating base as the grooves create a spiraling and soothing helix. Okay, it’s basically an adult fidget spinner. It’s also a funded Kickstarter.
It is no wonder that rechargeable batteries are in greater demand these days. Non-rechargeable batteries are useless once their output is gone, you have to buy more and more once these batteries run out of energy, disposal is problematic due to environmental concerns,…
Alexa can read her the news out loud, play her songs, summon Uber, control smart home devices, and add items to her Amazon shopping list. Very much useful and easy to use with out any trouble she can use any where in her home, workstation based on her interest
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Introducing The Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock There’s nothing quite like looking forward to a yummy late night treat and walking to the freezer only to find that someone has already eaten your ice cream. In fact, there’s probably nothing more infuriating. Finding the…

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Contrairement au magasinage en personne qui permet de se faire une idée du magasin et de son personnel, le magasinage en ligne offre moins d’indices vous permettant de savoir si le site est digne de confiance. Voici quelques conseils qui vous permettront de magasiner de façon plus sécuritaire :
On est tout simplement tombés sous le charme sur cette boutique de souvenirs en ligne qui a dédié une collection de vêtements et de déco aux couleurs de Montréal. On retrouve, entre autres, le fameux coussin Rue barrée et le T-shirt Poutine.
Yes! Press Win+Shift+G to show the gadgets and to switch between them. Use Tab to switch between gadgets that are docked to a sidebar. Open 8GadgetPack Tools if you would like to use Win+G and override the gamebar hotkey.
Grâce à la nouvelle technologie, les cyberconsommateurs peuvent désormais effectuer des microtransactions pour se procurer des contenus numériques. Cette solution de paiement est adéquate pour ce type d’acquisition, car elle peut se vanter d’être à la fois simple et rapide. Toutefois, le critère qui attire le plus les cybernautes, c’est celui de la sécurité optimale que les micropaiements assurent.
On a constitué ce top 10 en nous basant sur plusieurs critères, et nous n’avons pas ignoré le retour d’expérience des gens et leurs recommandations, mais au final il y aura forcément quelqu’un qui a vécu une mauvaise expérience avec un de ces sites, on est là pour écouter.
Le droit de rétractation doit être exercé à l’aide du formulaire de rétractation obligatoirement fourni avec le contrat (ou disponible directement en ligne sur le site de e-commerce) ou d’une déclaration exprimant votre volonté de vous rétracter. Vous aurez alors 14 jours pour restituer les biens au vendeur (le délai court à crochet yarn tension gadgets de l’envoi de votre rétractation).
Une canette de Coca Cola pour protéger les économies et les trésors des petits comme des plus grands ! Une idée cadeau originale pour décorer la chambre de votre enfant, pour accessoiriser votre bureau mais aussi pour décorer bars, restaurants et autres boutiques.
Il est possible de se procurer divers contenus numériques ludiques via cette méthode. Par exemple, les friands de jeux Java peuvent se faire plaisir facilement, idem pour ceux qui sont fans de sonneries, de logos ou de fonds d’écran ;
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Vente de chaussures et vêtements en ligne – LIVRAISON GRATUITE sur plus de 1 300 Marques : Diesel, Esprit, Desigual, Guess, Adidas, Nike… Le site vous offre plusieurs avantages comme la vente des produits des grandes marques mais à prix réduit et des nouvelles ventes privées. Le service client est aussi gratuit. (voir fiche : zalando)
The origins of the word gadget trace back to the 19th century. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there is anecdotal (not necessarily true) evidence for the use of gadget as a placeholder name for a technical item whose precise name one can’t remember since the 1850s; with Robert Brown’s 1886 book Spunyarn and Spindrift, A sailor boy’s log of a voyage out and home in a China tea-clipper containing the earliest known usage in print.[2] The etymology of the word is disputed.
All these issues make Osterloh angry—“I lose sleep every time customers aren’t happy,” he says—but they seem to energize him as well. He knows how to handle these kinds of challenges: more rigorous process, tighter management. It’s typical hardware stuff, lessons he learned long ago. Unlike the previous year, however, this time Osterloh has a clear path forward. The products under his watch are part of a story that spans the whole company. With its mission ironed out, Google needs to do more than release devices. It needs to learn how to win.
Osterloh decided to flank the Pixel effort with other devices that were good matches for Assistant. Another team within Google had in the past released two terrific laptops, called Chromebook Pixel, that only saw limited commercial success. Osterloh told the team to go build something even lighter, thinner, and better—and to integrate Assistant. They decided to call it Pixelbook and set off on their way. A different group started working on headphones they called Pixel Buds that would provide access to Assistant without the need for a phone. The Google Home team and the Chromecast crew were also part of the push.
L’avantage sur Urban Outfitters, c’est qu’on peut TOUT chiner. Même des pièces vintage, dont le prix risque de vous décourager, mais quand même. Le best dans tout ça ? Une boutique ouvre à Paris very soon.
Pour pouvoir acheter le sauternes Château Coutet 2000 à 20,99 euros, nous avons dû appeler le service client pendant 33 minutes, facturées 24,79 euros ! Pour 6,99 euros, la bouteille est arrivée à domicile quatre jours plus tard.
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IPhone VR Equipements Lens et Gadget Ecouteurs et Haut-parleurs Self-stick IPhone Câbles et Chargeurs Montures et Supports Pièces de rechange Pièce et Outil de Réparation IPhone Stockage Extensible Sacs de téléphone Banques d’Alimentation et Batterie Périphériques intelligents Gadgets
Think of the gear you can’t live without: The smartphone you constantly check. The camera that goes with you on every vacation. The TV that serves as a portal to binge-watching and -gaming. Each owes its influence to one model that changed the course of technology for good.
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Le temple des gadgets inutiles, le paradis de la dépense, bienvenue dans la caverne de Marcel Baba ! Gadgets geek, gadgets pour la voiture, gadgets high-tech, gadget de bureau … Le gadget est aussi un cadeau original et idéal pour tout le monde, surtout quand vous êtes en panne d’idée, le cadeau gadget, plaira forcément !
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Ce site est le leader dans le domaine de la vente high-tech et d’électroménager : téléviseurs, smartphones etc. Les produits proposés par la plateforme ont été sélectionnés afin de répondre à vos besoins. Ils sont de meilleure qualité et à moindre coûts. Comme mentionné sur le site, les prix sont imabattables. (voir fiche : pixmania)
Outre le dynamitage de la climatisation et attisant yourelf avec modifié un flacon pulvérisateur, voici 15 produits chauds qui peuvent vous aider à rester au frais à la maison, travailler et jouer dans cet été exceptionnellement chaud.
Vous disposez de 14 jours pour exercer votre droit de rétractation sur votre achat en ligne et retourner votre achat (sauf exceptions). Le vendeur peut fixer un délai de rétractation plus long (par exemple, « 30 jours pour changer d’avis »). Le délai de rétractation court :

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Téléphone, appareil photo, réveil, wi-fi et bientôt grille-pain, votre smartphone fait déjà beaucoup de choses ! Mais vous aurez toujours besoin d’un de ces accessoires téléphone ! Comment Se Ruiner vous présente ses indispensables ! 
Professionnels et chefs patissiers à votre service. Découvrez dès maintenant notre sélection des meilleurs sites pour acheter votre chocolat en ligne que ce soit pour vous ou pour offrir. Ne perdez plus de temps à courrir dans les boutiques de votre ville, les sites vous proposeront de larges gammes de produits différents et savoureux. Bonne dégustation !
En 1983, Patrick Bernard crée Millésima, société spécialisée dans la vente par correspondance, sur catalogue papier. En 1998, l’entreprise lance un site web alors que seuls 2,4 % des foyers français sont connectés. Fine intuition ! Millésima est devenue l’un des leaders européens de grands vins (par caisses) sur Internet.
Après avoir passé votre commande sur la boutique en ligne Giuseppe Zanotti, vous recevrez un e-mail confirmant la bonne réception de votre commande. Si vous ne recevez pas d’e-mail confirmant la réception de votre commande dans les 24 heures suivant sa validation, veuillez contacter le Service Clients Giuseppe Zanotti.
Google Glass, which cost $1,500 for those invited to a sort of public beta test, never took off. The relatively powerful head-mounted computer provided important signals for the future of wearable technology. Glass showed that designers working on computing devices that are worn face a different set of assumptions and challenges. Glass, for example, made it easy for users to surreptitiously record video, which led some restaurants, bars and movie theaters to ban the device. Glass also showed the potential pitfalls of easily identifiable wearables, perhaps best proven by the coining of the term “Glassholes” for its early adopters. While Glass was officially shelved in 2015, augmented reality—displaying computer-generated images over the real world—is a concept many companies are still trying to perfect. Google included.
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Lorsque vous sélectionnez la livraison à domicile, l’employé responsable de la livraison vous téléphonera dans les 24 à 48 heures suivant l’achat afin de prendre rendez-vous. Vos achats seront livrés par camion RONA à votre porte, lorsque possible. Les articles plus gros, tels que le bois d’œuvre, les cloisons sèches, le plancher, etc., seront livrés jusqu’à votre allée de stationnement seulement. Veuillez noter que les livraisons ne sont possibles que dans un rayon de 50 km du magasin sélectionné. Pour vos besoins de manutention ou toute autre demande spécifique, contactez votre magasin sélectionné; des frais supplémentaires pourraient s’appliquer. RONA ne laissera aucune marchandise sur lieu sans surveillance; des frais de livraison additionnels devront s’ajouteront si un deuxième déplacement est nécessaire.
Alors que la température ne cesse de grimper dans le bureau, difficile de conserver une boisson fraîche. Et le frigidaire est au rez-de-chaussée dans la cuisine. Alors si ce n’est pas vous qui allez au réfrigérateur, c’est le réfrigérateur qui vient à vous. Grâce au Frigo USB testé et approuvé par une équipe de geek développeurs, n’importe quelle canette de 33 cl restera bien au frais pendant des heures. Pourquoi se priver ! (29.89 euros)
Grosbill est le leader mondial sur le marché de la technologie et du high-tech, téléphone portable, ordinateur, appareil photo… Le slogan de la société « Le meilleur de l’high tech » vous donne déjà un aperçu de ce qu’elle peut vous offrir. Quel produit souhaiteriez-vous avoir ? Des ordinateurs, des tablettes ou autres ? (voir fiche : grosbill)
Si vous cherchez a acheter un billet de train moins cher ou a revendre un billet, essayez le “troc des billets”. Ce systeme d’achat et de revente de billets entre particuliers s’avere tres utile, mais attention aux pieges.
Avis aux amoureuses du style boho, grunge et décontracté genre esprit vacances à Coachella, ce site est pour vous. On conseille néanmoins de comparer les prix avec Shopbob avant de valider son panier car les deux sites référencent beaucoup de mêmes marques. 
Le système est toujours en test à Caen et Strasbourg, mais devrait rapidement s’étendre à toute le France. Les premiers à le développer au niveau national seront certainement les services de transport (trains et les avions). Aéroport, gare, épicerie, taxis et même distributeurs de boissons, comme le font déjà les japonais pourraient bientôt être équipés de ce système de paiement.
Villes disponibles Aix-en-Provence, Antibes, Avignon, Bordeaux, Caen, Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Le Havre, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Paris extra, Paris Hauts-de-Seine, Paris Val-de-Marne, Versailles / Yvelines, Reims, Rennes, Rouen, Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg, Toulon, Toulouse, National
Ainsi, on voit l’adoption de plusieurs services novateurs comme le Click & Collect, un moyen de livraison qui est utilisé par 40 % des e-consommateurs. Bien sûr, de nombreux clients penchent plus pour la réception gratuite de leurs colis (même si ça prend un peu plus de temps) plutôt que des livraisons rapides, mais plus coûteuses. Pour ce qui est des places de marché, elles sont beaucoup plus privilégiées comparées aux sites de marques parce qu’entre autres, les processus pour finaliser les achats sont plus simples et on y propose des offres de qualité.
Appareil photo : hybride ou reflex, que choisir ? Comment choisir entre un hybride et un reflex lorsque l’on a peu de connaissance sur ces deux appareils photo ? Ces deux modèles répondent à des usages différents. P… Suite
Places de spectacles, billets de train, contraventions, matériel de bureau pour votre entreprise : il n’y a pas de restriction particulière en terme de type de règlements et achats via mobile par rapport à ceux réalisés depuis votre ordinateur.
12.2 Samsung Galaxy Note talbet Spy Photos Fuite Encore une fois avec physique Home Button et S-Pen | Leawo Blog officiel sur Samsung a confirmé à la version Galaxy Note 3 au cours de l’IFA 2013 à Septembre
Hello, excellente cette liste ! Pour info il existe un nouveau site d’achats groupés pour les produits bancaires et les assurances (le 1er à ce que je sache). Ca m’a l’air plutôt pas mal avec des offres qu’on ne retrouve pas ailleurs. C’est
À l’heure actuelle, Giuseppe Zanotti Online peut livrer en France toute commande passée depuis ce site web. Pour consulter la liste complète des pays dans lesquels nous livrons, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien situé en haut à gauche de chaque page. Vous n’aurez pas la possibilité de modifier le pays à partir du panier ; considérant que les prix, disponibilité article, livraison et moyens de paiement peuvent varier d’un pays à l’autre, veuillez vous assurer d’avoir bien sélectionné le pays adéquat avant de commencer votre commande.
Depuis mars, la page vin (3 600 références) a fusionné avec la section supermarché. L’amateur n’y gagne pas. Au milieu des grands crus, évoluent des Bag-in-Box et des anisés industriels. Les produits les plus vendus sont les vins et champagnes de 5 à 15 €. Avec la formule C le marché, Cdiscount permet à d’autres vendeurs de commercialiser des bouteilles via son site. Max Rey, le responsable du pôle vins et spiritueux, promet de continuer à améliorer la qualité du service. À suivre…
Faire ses achats sur Internet est devenu une habitude, presque un réflexe, pour de nombreux consommateurs. Mais entre les problèmes de livraison, les cybermarchands indélicats ou les vraies tentatives d’arnaques, l’expérience peut se révéler décevante. Retrouvez dans ce dossier consacré aux achats en ligne, les conseils, les mises en gardes ainsi que nos tests et enquêtes de service pour un achat serein en quelques clics.
Cette étape débouche sur une question cruciale : avez-vous un compte chez un opérateur mobile ? Si ce n’est pas le cas, empressez-vous de vous rapprocher de Bouygues Telecom, Free ou encore SFR, car c’est en vous rendant dans votre espace client que vous pourrez acheminer et suivre vos dépenses mensuelles. Qu’en est-il des supports numériques ? Eh bien, le choix de l’appareil à utiliser pour vous rendre en ligne vous appartient. Un smartphone – que ce soit un Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, un iPhone 6S ou un tout autre mobile, une buy persistence of vision gadgets ou même un PC fera l’affaire.
Amazon applique de meme une stratégie d’affiliation ou ses utilisateurs, à part le fait de faire de bonnes affaires et acheter des produits, peuvent gagner de l’argent en promouvant ses articles sur leurs sites.
Une boutique high-tech du groupe Auchan qui vous propose de très nombreux articles électroniques et informatiques : Pc, Mac, tablettes, smartphones, jeux vidéos, électro-ménager, Tv et son, domotique et bien plus encore. (1) Prodiscount26 (4) Zoomici (3) Gh discount (2) Unclezaz (2) Freeshopping (1) Sotel france (1) Espace disque (1) Asdiscount (1) Adnauto (1) Royalprice (1) Topbizfr (1)
Peu importe la version que vous recevez, la facture modernisée et simplifiée a un but précis : vous aider à gérer rapidement vos services, sans confusion. Parce que moins de temps passé à vous interroger sur votre facture signifie plus de temps à profiter de vos services, n’est-ce pas?
Présent sur internet depuis 1995, les 3suisses est devenu l’un des plus grands magasins en ligne dédié à la mode et la maison. Sur le site, vous pouvez faire vos achats en toute sécurité et profiter de bonnes affaires et de promotions.
Obsoleting noisy, lousy dot matrix technology, devices like 1988’s HP DeskJet gave computer owners the ability to quietly output graphics and text at a rate of two pages per minute. The DeskJet wasn’t the first inkjet on the market, but with a $995 price tag, it was the first one many home PC users bought. Over the 20 years following the product’s launch, HP sold more than 240 million printers in the DeskJet product line, outputting Christmas letters, household budgets, and book reports by the millions. Even in an increasingly paper-less world, the inkjet’s technology lives on in 3-D printers, which are fundamentally the same devices, only extruding molten plastic instead of dye.
Notre conseil c’est de s’abonner aux newsletters de ces sites et vous recevrez quotidiennement les futurs ventes privées ou promotions. Elles concerneront peut être la marque de vos futurs achats en ligne. Dans ce cas là par contre il faudra être patient et guetter la bonne occasion. Le site Dealabs, site communautaire de recherche de bons plans et de promotions sur internet et en magasin, vous permettra également de savoir s’il existe des réductions pour votre produit à un instant précis.
Vous êtes à la recherche du parc d’attraction idéal pour partir en couple ou en famille ? Retrouvez ici notre Top des sites de parc d’attraction qui saura vous satisfaire et vous aider à trouver le parc de votre choix. Faites sans plus attendre vos réservations en ligne, pratique et rapide cela vous évitera de faire des heures de files sur place. Enjoy !
Except that’s not how it turned out. Terrified of alienating its other Android partners, like Samsung and LG, Google went to great lengths to keep Motorola at arm’s length. “There was effectively no technical integration,” Osterloh says. “And that wasn’t quite what I expected.” He thought he would bring software and hardware together at last, but instead Motorola was treated as a wholly separate company. “It was tantalizingly close to my dream job,” he says. “But it never quite got there.”
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This dinosaur fossil cookie cutter and embosser kit creates divots where the bones should be. They look awesome with or without added frosting. These cookie cutters would make a great gift for a parent, teacher, or archaeology enthusiast.
Robots are everywhere at CES this year, and Ubtech’s biped contains multitudes. The Walker is prepared to tackle your security needs, patrolling your home’s perimeter, detecting motion and recording incidents with its integrated camera. And when it’s quitting time, it can dance and play games. Pretty good for a robot with no arms.
Way too cute! The Breakfast Express Set links together with hidden magnets so it can chug along in its duty to deliver egg, toast, and spices right to your plate. If you have trouble motivating the kids to eat breakfast in the morning, this fun train set just might have the solution.
Perhaps not the most practical design for a serious chef, but it sure does look impressive – the nesting nonstick knife set from Deglon would make a nice display piece and conversation starter in any kitchen. Do check out our post on unique knives for more cool knives.
2. Click, whir. Have digital photos left you longing for something more … tangible? The retro-cool Polaroid OneStep 2 lets you shoot — and hold — a photo. This camera fits right in with the growing popularity of Polaroids as an art form: It can use a variety of films for different effects. The OneStep 2 is $99.
Looking for a gift for her that she’ll never forget? Need something different for the lovely lady in your life? IWOOT can help you out with our huge selection of unique gift ideas for women! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we can help you find something a little bit different this year for her. Need a last minute Mother’s Day surprise? Don’t fret it – we can help you out with that too (pssstt it’s the 11th of March for the forgetful amongst us!). From sheepskin rugs to funny little mugs (and plenty of unicorn gifts), you’ll find something a bit different for her this year. 
This is the world’s smallest violin, and I’m gonna play it just for you…whiners! So many whiners! At work. On the road. At the checkout line. In my inbox. And the biggest one of all: right there in my bathroom mirror…
The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and you know what that means: new gadgets galore. Before heading out to your favorite store (online or offline), here are a few fun and cool gadgets / accessories that you should keep an eye out for.
Keep your hands clean by investing in these Diprs, which are a neat tool that allow you to dip any sandwich cookie in milk without using your fingers. With a design similar to a lacrosse stick, it’s also great for hurling wet cookies long distances toward your enemies.
This faucet comes with an LED that changes with the temperature of the water – a fantastic safety feature for kids and anyone with high or low sensitivity to temperature, and a nice way for anyone to get the perfect temperature without wetting the hand to test it.
Say Hello To The Tesla Steampunk Watch! If steampunk fashion is your thing, then the Tesla Watch is for you. If science or science fiction is your thing, then the Tesla watch is for you. If you like watches, then the Tesla watch is for you. Basically, everyone should…
We also have a large selection of photo gifts that will let her take pictures of her loved ones wherever she goes. The Photo Smartphone Case and iPhone Cover are a truly unique way for her to display pictures of fun times with friends and family. When it comes to practicality, it doesn’t get better than a Key Finder. Who hasn’t groaned in the morning over their misplaced keys? Stress no more once you have one of our key finders that will make getting your keys and headed out the door a snap. Whether you’re giving a gift or want something for yourself, these gadgets will help you solve life’s little problems so you can get back to enjoying it!
If you’re a frequent tablet user or you wish you could get some work done using just your smartphone, you might want to consider picking up a bluetooth keyboard. And, the best bluetooth keyboard on the market is the iClever Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. It is uniquely broken up into three sections, allowing it to be folded up and stored away into one smaller section. This makes it perfect for the traveling businessman. Instead of having to lug around your laptop and your tablet (which you would likely be doing anytime you go out of time), you can just take your tablet and this small keyboard. I’ll also note that, as far as bluetooth keyboards are concerned, it’s one of the sturdiest and strongest builds I’ve come across; it’s not flimsy nor does it feel cheap. It has a 10m operating range, too, so you can hook your tablet up to your TV if you’d like and sit back on the couch.
The following is an overview of the ShippingPass Pilot subscription service. You should review the Terms & Conditions for a more detailed description as well as service limitations prior to signing up for ShippingPass.
If you’re reading about the best 80s toys you can still buy, you’re probably indulging in nostalgia, and thinking things were way better in the 80s than they are in the 2010s. I don’t disagree, but I will say one thing about today: if it weren’t for the global and online marketplaces, plus the technology…
Your Butter Spreading Troubles Are Over Most people keep their butter refrigerated, which is great for preserving it, but not so great for spreading it. Instead of the butter spreading evenly over toast or bagels, it stays in one spot, stubbornly clinging to the…
Disclaimer: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! review features amazon
Have you ever been to a local restaurant with amazing menu boards? Maybe a man in your life has talked about a lighted sign at his friends’ place. Well, the Woodsam LED Message Board is one cool board. It comes with remote controlled color options (for those fun of goofing around), color markers, cloth wipes, and an external adapter cord. Although usually found in a restaurant or bar, this light-weight board is perfect for teachers, home signs, or offices and is easy to use right out of the box.
Why twirl your own spaghetti when you can invest in this battery-powered twirling fork to do it for you? Simply push a button and watch your fork prepare pasta for a perfect bite. Plus, it’s pronged head is removable and dishwasher safe.
This clever cutting board includes a tablet stand a handy splash guard to protect it from flecks of veggie juice. It also doubles as a knife block so you can keep your eyes on the cooking tutorial playing on the tablet screen.
There are many reasons why you would need to transport your data. Some of those reasons can include schoolwork, projects, personal hobbies, portfolios, company designs, prototypes, and more. While the need is there, there are quite a few solutions as well. However, none of them are as efficient and as accessible as this portable hard drive. This external hard drive is compatible with anything and everything that has a USB connection and can hold up to two terabytes of data, making it capable of transporting archives upon archives of data at the same time. Plus, it takes up no more space than a smartphone.